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LUSH Haul February 2016

Hi loves, today I have a haul post to share with you. It has been such a long time since I actually posted a haul on my blog. So I thought today would be perfect! My boyfriend surprised me and ordered a bunch of goodies from LUSH. I have such a guilty pleasure when it comes to bath products, and LUSH is one of my favorite stores. My favorite items from LUSH are their bath bombs and bubble bars! 

These are the items he ordered for me:

  • Intergalactic bath bomb- which this bath bomb includes a mix of bright neon colors and refreshing peppermint. I am literally in love with the scent. I am a huge fan of peppermint. 
  • Sex Bomb bath bomb- this is my all time favorite bath bomb. It was one of the first bath bombs that I have ever tried and I love it. It has such an amazing scent and I love the little petals that come out of the bomb. 
  • Butterball bath bomb- this is also one of my favorite bath bombs. I have purchased so many of these. It has a vanilla scent and it has chunks of creamy cocoa butter inside of it. This bath bomb leaves my skin feeling so soft. I love it so much! 
  • Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb- this will be the first time for me to try this one! I love the light blue color. This bath bomb has a lavender scent and is supposed to be calming to help you fall asleep. I can't wait to try this one. 
  • Unicorn Horn bubble bar- I am seriously in love with the look of this bubble bar. I love the fun pastel colors. This bubble bar has lavender oil mixed into it. I love using bubble bars because you can get more then one bath out of them. They are easy to break up into pieces.
Let me know in the comments what your favorite thing from LUSH is. I just noticed that the website now has their Easter collection so I may have to place an order for some of those goodies as well!

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