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NEW MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Eye Pencils Swatches & Review

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Hi loves, I am so excited to share with you gives this new eye liner collection by MAKE UP FOR EVER. They recently collaborated with Charli XCX to bring you the new Aqua XL Eye Pencils. I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts and swatches of these pencils before they are released. These will be available in May and retail for $21.00 each. Right now Sephora has a set available for VIB Rouge members and it includes 4 of Charli XCX Festival Faves, and it retails for $49.00, which you can purchase at www.sephora.com. Now onto the shades!

There is different finishes when it comes to the eye liners. There is matte, diamond, iridescent, metallic and satin. So you are bound to find a shade that you love. My favorites are the matte shades.
  • M-10 which is a matte black
  • D-12 which is a diamond black 
  • M-14 which is a matte dark grey
  • M-16 which is a matte white (I am in love with this shade. It is going to be perfect to the water line to make your eyes pop)
  • S-20 which is a satin dark blue
  • M-22 which is a matte cobalt blue
  • I-24 which is a iridescent medium blue
  • M-26 which is a matte baby blue
  • M-30 which is a matte mint green (I am in love with this shade as well. It is perfect to give a pop of color to your look)
  • I-32 which is a iridescent medium green
  • I-34 which is a iridescent light green
  • I-36 which is a iridescent gold/green 
  • M-40 which is a matte yellow 
  • ME-42 which is a beautiful metallic gold (this one is my favorite out of all the shades)
  • S-50 which is a satin taupe 
  • M-60 which is a matte deep burgundy
  • D-62 which is a diamond brownie color
  • M-80 which is a matte deep purple
  • I-90 which is a iridescent medium purple
  • M-92 which is a matte lilac purple (another one of my favorite shades)
I am seriously in love with these eye liners. There is so many shades to choose from and the color pay off is incredible. All of the shades are very pigmented and are easy to apply. They are water proof and they do not budge at all. I had to scrub my arm in order to get the eye liners off. I have a pretty watery water line and these last all day long. I am so excited to wear some of the brighter shades to Rock USA this year. I highly recommend picking up a couple when they do release!

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Elizabeth Arden Moisturizing Lipstick Swatches, Review & Giveaway

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Hi loves, I am so so excited about todays post because it includes a giveaway! Elizabeth Arden sent me over four of their new Moisturizing Lipsticks, and they sent me a extra set to giveaway to one of you guys! This is my first time trying out anything by Elizabeth Arden so I was really excited. I do have four  shades to share with you and they are vary in color. 

The packaging on these lipsticks are extremely beautiful. It has the most beautiful gold packaging that I have ever came a crossed. I love having these on display because they are so pretty. I also love that the lipsticks have the logo engraved into the lipstick. The four shades I have to share with you are:

  • Marigold which is a beautiful orange shade. I do not own many orange lipsticks, so this will be a perfect shade for the summer. 
  • Wildberry which is a beautiful mid tone rose pink. This one is my favorite out of the four. I think it's a perfect everyday shade. 
  • Pink Pink which is a light pink shade. This one has more of a frost finish.
  • Valentine which is a beautiful cool toned red. 
I found these lipsticks to be very moisturizing. All of them had more of a satin finish except for Pink Pink which is more of a frost finish. I also thought they were all very opaque as well. The texture is very smooth which makes it really easy to apply. These lipsticks retail for $25.00 and can be currently purchased at www.macys.com

Now onto the giveaway, you must be 18 years or older to enter, or have your parents permission to join. This giveaway is only available to those who live in the U.S. This giveaway will end on May 4th. 


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New It Cosmetics You Sculpted Contour Palette Review & Swatches

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Hi loves, I am so excited for this time of the year since this is the time companies come out with their new Summer products, which is my favorite time of the year for makeup. It Cosmetics recently came out with a new contour palette and this is the You Sculpted Universal Contouring Palette for Face and Body. Contour palettes have been huge the last couple of years, and I was so excited to see what I got this one because the shades are universal for both light and dark skin tones. Most of the times, contour palettes either cater to one skin tone over the other, but this palette has many great light contour shades, and great deep contour shades as well. So if your very fair or very dark, there is a shade in here for you. This palette is currently at www.ulta.com and retails for $40.00. 

This palette comes with 4 contour shades and two highlight shades. The lightest shade in the palette is Soft Contour, then you have Light Contour, Medium Contour and Deep Contour. Since I do have a fair complexion I will be sticking with the Soft Contour and Light Contour for now. But I think with the Deep Contour shade it would be a great color to create a beautiful shadow on light skin. It also comes with two highlights which is Matte Highlight and Radiance Highlight. My favorite of the two is the Radiance Highlight. 

The texture of the contour shades is incredible. They have a very buttery consistency. They have anti-aging collagen and silk which helps make the products very easy to blend. I find that these feel a lot better then the Kat Von D Shade & Light palette, and thats usually my go to contour palette. I think the highlight shades have a great buttery texture too. They shades are very pigmented so you will want to use a light hand at first. This is honestly a great overall palette.

I also love the packaging. Its a very pretty reflective silver and the palette isn't extremely big either. It's a little bigger then my hand and it is also thin as well so it makes it very easy to travel with compared to a lot of other contour palettes. I highly recommend this palette if you are looking for a great all in one contour/sculpting palette. I think you would really enjoy it as well! I am just so in love with the quality. This will for sure be my go-to palette this summer. 

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Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad in Rust

Hi loves, I am so excited for todays blog post. I am a huge fan of Kat Von D and I was so excited when I found out she was coming out with new eyeshadow quads. So of course I had to pick one up to try. This is the Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad, and this one is in the shade Rust. There is also 3 other palettes you can purchase that have purples, greens and smokey shades. Kat Von D has amazing eyeshadows and I must say, this quad did not disappoint me. 

The packaging of these palettes are pretty bulky. I think the packaging is super cute, but does take up a lot of space for just having 4 shadows. Also, all the shades in these palettes are matte. I am such a fan of matte so these really excite me. 

Rust is the more warm toned quad in the collection. I typically like wearing more cool toned shades, but the burnt orange in this palette was really calling my name. This palette comes with a light fair pink shade, a medium warm toned brown, a burnt orange shade and a light cream shade that has a hint of yellow. I found all of the shades to be very smooth and buttery. I did notice that the cream shade was a tiny bit chalky, but with the pigmentation and the smooth texture, the chalky-ness on that shade does not both me. The pigmentation was incredible. I barely had to stick my finger into the product or my brush, and the color was just amazing. With the soft texture, they are super easy to blend out.

Since I love this one so much, I must order the rest of the quads because I just love the eyeshadow formula so much. Plus these palettes only retail for $26.00, which I find amazing as well. Great price point, and great products. You can currently buy this quad and the rest at www.sephora.com. 

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Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette Swatches & Review

Hey everyone, its Peanut Butter Jelly Time! I am so excited for todays review. It is on the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly eyeshadow palette. I am a huge fan of Too Faced eyeshadows, and when I found out they were coming out with a Peanut Butter and Jelly palette, I of course had to get it. This palette is only available at www.ulta.com, both online and in stores. This palette is literally the cutest thing ever. It comes in this cute tin packaging with peanuts all over it. And on top of the cute packaging, the palette actually smells like peanut butter! I mean how incredible is that? 

I love how cute the packaging is and I had very high hopes for this palette, but some of the shadows did not perform well. This palette comes with 9 different eyeshadows and a mix of different textures. 

  • Spread the Love is a beautiful medium peach color with a hint of gold sparkles. I was hoping this shade would be a little bit more pigmented but it did apply a little patchy.
  • Peanut Butter is a medium orange brown with a matte finish. This shade is actually in the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette. I found this shade to apply a little patchy as well.
  • Peanut Butter Cup is a metallic golden bronze with gold sparkle. I found this shade to be very pigmented and easy to blend. 
  • Bananas is a soft peach with really fine gold shimmer. I was not a fan of this shade. There wasn't much pigmentation to it. I feel like it would be pretty to wear on top of another eyeshadow but not on its own. 
  • Peanut Brittle is a metallic burnt orange. This shade is one of my favorites in the whole entire palette. It is so pigmented and was very easy blend out. I love this shade for all over the lids. 
  • Jammin' is a dark chocolate with golden sparkle. This shade applied very patchy as well. You will have to pack on color to get good color pay off. I thought it was very stiff and hard to blend. 
  • Extra Creamy is a matte creamy beige. This was my least favorite in the whole entire palette. This shade was extremely chalky and lacked color pay off. 
  • Jelly is a vibrant orchid. I was so hoping that this color would take the cake for the whole entire palette, but this shade was terrible. In the swatch below I had to swipe on product 3 times just to get that color pay off, and even tho it was still patchy. I was very disappointed since that was the main pop of color in this palette. 
  • Nuts About U is a matte brown with red undertones. This was another favorite of mine in the palette. It was very very pigmented and easy to blend. I am a sucker for this shade.
Out of this whole palette I only really liked about 4 of the shades. The rest just did not perform well. I was very disappointed because the packaging is just the cutest thing in the world, but it was really lacking quality which is weird since Too Faced usually has amazing shadows.  I will still continue to use a few shades in this palette because a few are very beautiful.

If you are a collector I think its a cute palette to have in your collection, however if you are looking for a good pigmented palette, I don't think this one is for you. 

You can currently purchase this palette at www.ulta.com for $36.00. 

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Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette Review & Swatches

Hi loves, I am so so excited about todays blog post. It is on the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette. I recently picked this palette up from Ulta when it was on sale, so I got it for around $25 if I remember correctly. Sadly it did sell out on their website, but you can now get this palette for $30.00 at www.sephora.com and if you are a VIB Rouge or VIB you can get an additional 15% off this palette. I mean with that price, you can not pass this palette up.

This blush palette contains 4 blushes, 1 bronzer and 1 highlight:

  • Cherry which is a light pink with a satin finish
  • Easy which is a deep rose with shimmer
  • Angel which is a champagne nude with shimmer
  • Hush which is a medium pink with gold shimmer
  • Lo-Fi which is a soft matte bronzer
  • OC which is a soft pink with a hint of peach

One thing that I love the most about this palette is that it does come with blushes, bronzer and a highlight, so it is a all in one palette. I think you can mix and match which shades you want to use as a highlight and which ones you want to use as a blush. I think Angel and Hush make wonderful shades for a highlighter. 

I love the texture of these blushes. They are very buttery and I didn't notice any fall out with the shades. I also thought they did blend very nice as well. They are pigmented but they are not over powering in color, so you don't have to be careful with how much product you pick up since these are build-able. 

I highly recommend getting this palette. It is limited edition so once it is gone, it will not be coming back in stock. And since it is currently on sale here I would highly recommend picking it up!

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Pur Cosmetics Glow Together Bronzer Review & Swatches

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Is anyone else ready for summer? I know I am! I woke up to a good 6 inches of snow this morning, and I am just ready for warm weather. Luckily, I have this new bronzer by Pur Cosmetics to get me through until then. This is the Glow Together bronzer, and it is seriously the most beautiful bronzer I had laid my eyes on. 

The Glow Together bronzer has a mixture of 6 different shades. On the bottom there is 3 shimmery shade and on top there is 3 matte shades. I swatched each shade for you below so you can see what all of the shades look like. When mixed together it creates such a beautiful warm bronzer. But you can also just stick with the shimmery side if you want, or the matte side. So this product is like a 3 in 1 bronzer.

The bronzer is very buttery and is easy to blend. It doesn't look orange on the skin, and it adds a wonderful glow. I did notice a couple of the shades were a little chalky. You can use a light hand with it to have more of a sheer bronzer or you can pack it on to have more of an intense bronze. Either way it looks beautiful. Also this bronzer is HUGE. It comes with .60 grams of product. 

You can currently purchase this bronzer at www.ulta.com for $34.00. This will for sure be my go-to bronzer from here on out. I love it so much, and looks amazing with my complexion. I highly recommend checking it out if you are obsessed with bronzers! 

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Pur Cosmetics Moonlight Strobe/Highlight Palette Review & Giveaway

Hi loves, today I have a very exciting post on one of the new Pur Cosmetics Strobe/Hightlight Palettes. I have the palette in the shade Moonlight Glow, and I also have a extra one to giveaway to one of you guys! I will post about the giveaway when I am done with the review, so be sure to check that out after reading the review! Highlighters have become such a huge hit, and I love when companies come out with palettes, and this palette literally has the prettiest cream highlighters. 

This palette comes with three different highlighters. They have a silky cream texture that glides right one. You can apply the highlighters with your finger or with a brush. You can pack on as much as you want and it is really easy to blend. Now onto the colors that are in this palette:

  • Twilight which is a beautiful golden highlighter. It has really beautiful hints of gold shimmer. 
  • Lunar which is a beautiful pinky champagne color. 
  • Eclipse which is a beautiful cooper tone highlight.
My favorite color in this palette is Lunar. I think it goes perfectly with my complexion. This palette suits more of a fair tone complexion, but they do have another palette that suits more of a darker complexion. I thought all of the shades were easy to blend onto the skin and it just gives a beautiful highlight to the cheek bones. This palette retails for $34.00 and can be currently found at www.ulta.com.

Now onto the giveaway:

I will be giving away one of these palettes to one of you! Just follow the below tasks, and the more you do, the better chance you have of winning! This giveaway will be ending on April 18th.  Only open to the US.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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