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Ways To Make Money From Home Part One

Hi loves, today I wanted to do a different type of post other then just beauty. I was thinking of posting this on my other blog, but I thought I would share this information on this blog instead. I thought I would share with you guys different ways to make money from home, as well as how to get free products. I think I am going to have different parts of this series, and spread it out over a few weeks, since I have a lot of sites to share with you and a lot of different information. So this will be part one of this series. Before I go into the details, I thought I would share my journey with you all.

So for those of you who do not know, I did lose my mother back in December. She had passed away from a heart attack unexpectedly and it changed everything for me. We both worked for the same company, and I had been working for that job for over three years. It was a terrible job and had terrible management, and I had thought about quitting multiple times before. She was the only one keeping me from leaving, but after she had passed away, I finally quit. I realized how short life is, and why waste time doing something you hated. I knew I had wanted to take on blogging and YouTube as a full time hobby/job. And I knew this is something that would make me extremely happy. I had wonderful support from my boyfriend, who I currently live with, and we are in the process of buying a home.

Right now I do not make nearly enough to cover bills with just YouTube and my blog so I had to look for more ways to earn extra money to help. I do make money from YouTube and my blog, but not enough. If you ever want me to go into how much money I actually make each month from the following, I would love to share that with you. Mainly because it is not something people talk about too often, and I know a lot of people have questions regarding making money while on YouTube and by owning a blog. So if that is something you want to hear more about, let me know!

Now that you know a little bit more about me and my back story, lets get into some of my favorite websites and apps to make extra money. For todays post, I am going to focus on two of my favorite websites which a lot of you may have heard from before, but I still wanted to share what I do on each website.

The first website is:

  • Swagbucks: I have been using this website for years. I have gotten my boyfriend hooked on it, and even his mother is hooked on it as well. Swagbucks is a website where you can earn points and redeem them for gift cards or special offers. There is many ways to earn points. I typically stick with watching the videos. You can earn 500 points a day by watching videos on Swagbucks. Having 500 points is equal to $5.00. So if you watch enough videos each day to earn 500 points, by the end of the month you would have $140.00. And thats just by watching videos! You can also earn points by taking surveys, playing games, shopping and browsing the internet through Swagbucks. I like to save up my points and redeem them for Amazon gift cards, Sephora gift cards and PayPal. I have been redeeming my points for PayPal money since I can transfer that into my bank and help pay for bills that way. I posted a photo below to show you some of my recent history. I went into a huge spree with Amazon gift cards, because I like to save them up to purchase Christmas presents or birthday presents. I have received many many more gift cards throughout the years. Right now I have 1,027 saved up, and I am saving up for another PayPal gift card which I hope to redeem at the end of the month. I also downloaded the SBTV app as well, so I usually have videos going on both my computer and app at the same time. 

  • If you would like to sign up for Swagbucks you can signup here, www.swagbucks.com, this link is an affiliate link, however you do not have to sign up with you, you can also just google Swagbucks, but it would still mean a lot to me if you signed up using my link.  Also, if you have any questions regarding this website, please just leave a comment below or you can email me as well and I would love to answer any questions for you that you may have. 
The next website is:
  • MyPoints: This website is very similar to Swagbucks. You can watch videos, take surveys, play games and search the web. I haven't used this website nearly as long as Swagbucks, but it has been another great way to earn a little extra money from home. Each day you can earn 75 points for watching videos. Now, my points rewards are a little higher then Swagbucks, but you can earn points a little bit faster on MyPoints compared to Swagbucks. So if you watched the videos each day for a month, you would end up having 2,100 points which, you can then redeem a at least a $10 gift card, but of course there is other ways to earn points besides the movies. I like doing the movies because its fast and I can leave them going while I am doing house work. You can sign up for MyPoints here www.mypoints.com. This is also an affiliate link, however you do not have to use it, but it would mean a lot to me if you did. 
There is a few other sites I use to earn money as well, but these are the main two that I go on daily and I continue to use. I will share those in my next post on this series, as well as my favorite app I use to make money as well. Let me know if you guys have any recommendations on this series, and if there is any other information you would like me to cover. I was also thinking of sharing ways to make money on YouTube with sponsorships as well on other social media posts. I want to be completely honest with you guys on this stuff, because a lot of people do not like sharing their tips, so I want to be able to help you guys! So let me know what you think in the comments! 

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  1. Wow that sounds very interesting. I am home bound basically. Disabled from Cancer that is not curable but treatable. I have a lot of treatments over the last 13 and half yrs. Bine marrow transplant radiation chemo replaced both hips and a partial shoulder. Part of the side effects of treatment but hey I'm Alive and have been enjoying raising my three sons. Which the last one will grad high school in two yrs. I adore my boys. They r very good and have taken such good care of me and made sure anything dad couldn't do they did for me. Hours of sitting during treatment to drive me back home an hour away. Anyway. I just found you tube and all the beauty community and social media about makeup and beauty about three yrs ago. My saving grace. No longer bored to tears. I watch videos so why not do something with them if I'm watching anyway. Why not watch those. I'm very interested. Right now we r in the middle of moving. But I will keep ur link it info to sign up under u if I do decide to do it. Thanks so much. Always use a little extra cash. Actually I could use a lot. Lol but that neither here nor there. Thanks so much. Can't wait to learn more from u. I would love someone to explain to me how ppl make money in utube and blogs. What they have to get to or what the deal is. I have encouraged a few to make videos. But they r small right now and say they don't make money when they r small I think j heard someone say. If u would like my email I gladly give it u. But I'm happy if u can tell us in the blog. Thank u so much.