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New L'Oreal Colour Riche La Palette Lip Swatches & Review

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Hey loves, today's post is going to be a fun one and a long one. I recently received the three new L'Oreal Colour Riche La Palette Lip's. I am so excited to share with you guys swatches of these palettes as well as my thoughts. This post is going to be filled with tons of pictures, so I hope you enjoy! 

Each palette comes with 8 different shades. There is a mix of creams and mattes, and each palette comes with a highlighter shade as well. Each palette does retail for $16.99 at, but a lot of the times Ulta has sales where you can get L'Oreal products buy one get one 50%. 

Let's start with the palette in Plum. This palette comes with a lot of beautiful purples and mauve shades which are perfect for the fall. 
  • Shade 1 (cream), this shade is a beautiful berry shade.
  • Shade 2 (cream), is a really pretty mauve shade. It is one of my favorites out of the whole palette.
  • Shade 3 (cream), this is a pretty light purple with a hint of pink.
  • Shade 4 (matte), this shade is my favorite shade. It's a beautiful medium pink with a hint of berry. 
  • Shade 5 (cream), is a medium purple. 
  • Shade 6 (matte), is a deep purple shade which I think would be so beautiful for the fall time. 
  • Shade 7 (cream), is a very light purple.
  • Shade 8 (highlight), this is a very light light purple. It is a iridescent shade with flakes of purple.

Moving onto the next palette, this is the palette that includes all of the nude shades!
  • Shade 1 (cream), this is a very light brown. It applied a little sheer and I really had to pack on the color to get a good color payoff. 
  • Shade 2 (matte), this is a cool toned light brown. 
  • Shade 3 (matte), this is one of my favorites. It is a pinky/brown nude which is perfect for everyday.
  • Shade 4 (cream), this is more of a rose pink nude.
  • Shade 5 (cream), this shade had more of a peach undertone but it applied sheer as well.
  • Shade 6 (cream), I love this shade because it is a pretty light pink nude.
  • Shade 7 (matte), I thought this shade would be similar to the 5th shade, but this one is more of an opaque peachy nude. It is a light nude but looks very natural on the lips.
  • Shade 8 (highlighter), unlike the other highlight shade in the plum palette, this one has more of a golden undertone.

Now onto the last palette, this one contains all pink shades!
  • Shade 1 (matte), out of all of the palettes that I have, this shade is literally my favorite out of all the shades. It is such a beautiful magenta and the pigmentation is amazing!
  • Shade 2 (matte), can we say hot pink? I love this shade! It is such a fun color and is extremely creamy and pigmented as well.
  • Shade 3 (cream), is a very beautiful berry shade.
  • Shade 4 (cream), I love this shade as well! It is a cool toned light mauve. 
  • Shade 5 (cream), this is a beautiful rose shade.
  • Shade 6 (cream), this is a medium cool toned pinky nude.
  • Shade 7 (cream), I wasn't a fan of this shade at all. It looks so pretty in the pan but it applies very sheer. 
  • Shade 8 (highlight), this is basically a white shimmery shade. The pink in the pan doesn't really show up on my skin tone. 

If you had to get one of these palettes, I highly recommend the Pink palette. The cream shades were hit and misses in each palette. Some of them applied sheer and they have a glossy look to them. The mattes on the other hand are amazing in all of the palettes. They are extremely buttery and have such incredible pigmentation.

Do you guys own any of these palettes? If so, which ones and if not, which one is your favorite?

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Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Swatches & Review

Hi loves, I am so happy that I was finally able to pick up the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette. I recently purchased it from when they had the palette on sale for 50%! It is rare to get a naked palette for that cheap so I of course had to jump on that offer. I have been waiting to try this palette for a while now but have always heard mixed reviews on it, but with it being 50% off, I thought this would be the perfect time to try it out. 

The thing that really draws me into this palette is the packaging. I love the beautiful smoky affect on the palette. It looks really pretty and feels a lot better compared to the other naked palettes. This palette includes a lot of neutrals and deep blues. It does come with a mix of shimmery shades and matte shades. I don't mean to be a downer, but I was not impressed with the quality of these shadows. They didn't live up to the other palettes which is disappointing because Urban Decay usually has amazing quality when it comes to their eyeshadows. 

This palette includes 12 shadows:
  • High (champagne shimmer with micro glitter), I am in love with this shade. It a beautiful color for all over the lid. 
  • Dirtysweet (medium bronze), this is another great all over the lid shade.
  • Radar (metallic taupe with iridescent micro glitter), I was really bummed on the pigmentation on this shade. I was hoping it would have been more pigmented but I really had to pack on the product for good color pay off.
  • Armor (metallic silver-taupe with sparkle), this is one of my favorite shades in the whole entire palette. It has amazing color pay off.
  • Slanted (light metallic gray), this shade has more of a blue undertone. This shade is also very pigmented. 
  • Dagger (medium charcoal with micro shimmer), this shade is very patchy and was hard to blend out.
  • Black Market (jet-black with a satin finish), this is one of the more pigmented shades in this palette. It was pretty opaque and blended really nicely. I love using this in the outer corner. 
  • Smolder (deep plum-taupe), this is another one of my favorite shades. It is that perfect purple for fall. 
  • Password (cool taupe with a matte finish), this shade was the hardest to work with. It didn't have a lot of pigmentation and applied for chalky. 
  • Whiskey (rich brown matte), out of all of the mattes this one is my favorite. It was a little stiff but had the best pigmentation out of all of the mattes,
  • Combust (soft pink-taupe), I love this shade as a transition color.
  • Thirteen (light beige with a satin finish), this shade was alright, but it didn't have much color pay off. It still works really nice for the brow bone.
I was really upset with the shadows. Some of them performed really nicely but a lot of them were also misses. I wouldn't spend the full price on this palette. I think its a good palette for $30.00 but not for $54.00. The packaging is beautiful, but I just wish the shadows would have performed better.

You can purchase this palette at for $54.00. 

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box July 2016 Unboxing

This box was sent to me for review purposes by POPSUGAR. 

Hi loves, I am so so excited to share with you the July POPSUGAR Must Have box. I was in love with the June box so I was excited to see that they had wanted to send me over the July box. I am so impressed with all of the amazing goodies, and they are all perfect for the summer. Just like all of the other POPSUGAR boxes, they always include everything from home decor, to accessories, to food, to skin care and beauty. They always include a bunch of fun different products that you typically wouldn't get in a subscription box, which is why I love these boxes so much. 

With POPSUGAR Must Haves, it is a subscription box you receive each month. Each month it does cost $39.95 plus free shipping. They also have a MINI box you can choose which is $18.95. Now lets go over what came in this months box!
  • Sachajuan Hair in the Sun: This product is amazing to use if you are going to be out in the sun for hours at a time. It keeps your hair color vibrant with its UV-filter formula. And the best part is that it doesn't wash out in the pool or ocean. This product retails for $32.00.
  • House Of Pom Emoji Cocktail Napkins: I seriously thought that these were the cutest things ever. They come with different emoji's and its so cute to use when using a cold drink. These trails for $25.00.
  • Michael Stars Porcelain Skinny Scarf in White: I thought this scarf was so pretty and you can use it in many different ways. You can wear it the basic way as a scarf or even make a cute hand band out of it to keep your hair out of your face in the heat. This product retails for $30.00.
  • Pintrill Pineapple Pin: This pin is seriously the cutest thing ever! It retails for $12.00.
  • Sunnylife Inflatable Swan Drink Holder: I seriously fell in love with this when I opened the box. I thought that this was such a clever idea and will be perfect for those tubing days in the water. This product retails for $18.00.
  • European Wax Center Oh My Brows! Brow Highlighter in Pearl: I thought this was such a beautiful highlight for the brow bone. It retails for $19.00.
  • Joe Chips in Classic Sea Salt: I am munching on these as I am writing up this blog post and oh my goodness, they taste amazing! I need to pick up more. And they retail for $1.49.
  • Trove $20 Gift Card: This was a special extra and its a $20 gift card to Trove which is a customizable jewelry store, so I cannot wait to check that out. 

So with everything that is included in this months box, it does come to a total of $137.49, plus a $20 gift card. So that is such a good deal when the box its self is only $39.95. I love everything that was included in this box and I can see myself using everything. 

Let me know what you guys think of this subscription box and if you have tried it before. If you are interested in signing up, you can signup through the link:

NEW It Cosmetics Superhero Eye Transforming Anti-Aging Super Palette

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Hi loves, I am so so excited to share with you guys the new It Cosmetics Superhero Eye Transforming Anti-Aging Super Palette! I am a huge fan of the Superhero mascara, so I was so excited when I received this palette from It Cosmetics. I am such a sucker for palettes and this one is right up my alley. 

This palette comes with three eye foundation shades, which these shades are meant to be used all over the lid and up to the brow bone. It also comes with three nude shades, three neutral shades and also 3 liners. Even though the palette is divided up, you can still use this shades however you would like. One of my favorite things about this palette is that it includes a mix of mattes and shimmers, as well as nudes and deep shades. It's a great palette to create any type of look you can think of. I think the concept of this palette is amazing!

Eye Foundation:
  • Confidence which is a beautiful matte cream shade
  • Pow which is a matte cream yellow toned shade
  • Magical which is a beautiful shimmery champagne
I thought all of the eye foundation shades performed really well. The matte shades did not appear chalky and the shimmery shade is just stunning. 

  • Limitless which is a brown champagne color 
  • Powerful which is a light champagne color
  • Aura which is a shimmery brownie shade 
These have such a buttery texture. I thought all three shades blended out really nicely and had killer pigmentation. My favorite of the three if Powerful. I love using it all over the lid. 

  • Unstoppable which is a beautiful shimmery gold
  • Superstar which is a shimmery brown taupe 
  • Fearless which is a shimmery burnt orange shade 
I thought all shades performed really well except for Fearless. It did apply a little patchy but it was still really pigmented. I am in love with Unstoppable. It is one of the prettiest gold eyeshadow shades that I own. 

  • Bold which is a deep dark blue
  • Daring which is a matte medium brown shade
  • Superhero which is a matte black
I was so surprised with how well the liner shades applied. They were also very pigmented, but I did notice there is a little fall out with these shades. They are still easy to blend out and would be perfect to wear in the lash line or in the crease for a smokey look. 

I think this palette is for sure a must have in your collection. It has so many beautiful shades and the quality of the shadows is amazing. This palette does retail for $42.00 and is currently available at

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