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New L'Oreal Colour Riche La Palette Lip Swatches & Review

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Hey loves, today's post is going to be a fun one and a long one. I recently received the three new L'Oreal Colour Riche La Palette Lip's. I am so excited to share with you guys swatches of these palettes as well as my thoughts. This post is going to be filled with tons of pictures, so I hope you enjoy! 

Each palette comes with 8 different shades. There is a mix of creams and mattes, and each palette comes with a highlighter shade as well. Each palette does retail for $16.99 at, but a lot of the times Ulta has sales where you can get L'Oreal products buy one get one 50%. 

Let's start with the palette in Plum. This palette comes with a lot of beautiful purples and mauve shades which are perfect for the fall. 
  • Shade 1 (cream), this shade is a beautiful berry shade.
  • Shade 2 (cream), is a really pretty mauve shade. It is one of my favorites out of the whole palette.
  • Shade 3 (cream), this is a pretty light purple with a hint of pink.
  • Shade 4 (matte), this shade is my favorite shade. It's a beautiful medium pink with a hint of berry. 
  • Shade 5 (cream), is a medium purple. 
  • Shade 6 (matte), is a deep purple shade which I think would be so beautiful for the fall time. 
  • Shade 7 (cream), is a very light purple.
  • Shade 8 (highlight), this is a very light light purple. It is a iridescent shade with flakes of purple.

Moving onto the next palette, this is the palette that includes all of the nude shades!
  • Shade 1 (cream), this is a very light brown. It applied a little sheer and I really had to pack on the color to get a good color payoff. 
  • Shade 2 (matte), this is a cool toned light brown. 
  • Shade 3 (matte), this is one of my favorites. It is a pinky/brown nude which is perfect for everyday.
  • Shade 4 (cream), this is more of a rose pink nude.
  • Shade 5 (cream), this shade had more of a peach undertone but it applied sheer as well.
  • Shade 6 (cream), I love this shade because it is a pretty light pink nude.
  • Shade 7 (matte), I thought this shade would be similar to the 5th shade, but this one is more of an opaque peachy nude. It is a light nude but looks very natural on the lips.
  • Shade 8 (highlighter), unlike the other highlight shade in the plum palette, this one has more of a golden undertone.

Now onto the last palette, this one contains all pink shades!
  • Shade 1 (matte), out of all of the palettes that I have, this shade is literally my favorite out of all the shades. It is such a beautiful magenta and the pigmentation is amazing!
  • Shade 2 (matte), can we say hot pink? I love this shade! It is such a fun color and is extremely creamy and pigmented as well.
  • Shade 3 (cream), is a very beautiful berry shade.
  • Shade 4 (cream), I love this shade as well! It is a cool toned light mauve. 
  • Shade 5 (cream), this is a beautiful rose shade.
  • Shade 6 (cream), this is a medium cool toned pinky nude.
  • Shade 7 (cream), I wasn't a fan of this shade at all. It looks so pretty in the pan but it applies very sheer. 
  • Shade 8 (highlight), this is basically a white shimmery shade. The pink in the pan doesn't really show up on my skin tone. 

If you had to get one of these palettes, I highly recommend the Pink palette. The cream shades were hit and misses in each palette. Some of them applied sheer and they have a glossy look to them. The mattes on the other hand are amazing in all of the palettes. They are extremely buttery and have such incredible pigmentation.

Do you guys own any of these palettes? If so, which ones and if not, which one is your favorite?

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