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NEW MAC Liptensity Lipsticks

Hi loves, I am really excited to share with you guys some information on the all new MAC Liptensity Lipsticks. They will be available online September 20th 2016 and will be available in stores starting September 21st-November 27th. MAC has created an unprecedented spectrum of 24 shades with extreme, undeniable colour intensity, using our groundbreaking High-Frequency Tetrachromatic Pigments technology.

Each lipstick will retail for $21.00 (USD) $25.00 (CAD), here is the list of all the shades will will be coming out:
  • Stallion (deep black)
  • Galaxy Grey (light bluish grey)
  • Blue Beat (deep dark blue)
  • Mulling Spices (burgundy brown-red)
  • Postmodern (amped coral pink)
  • Claretcast (mid-tone magenta)
  • Hellebore (vibrant mid-ton purple)
  • Life's Blood (bright berry red)
  • Ambrosial (bright plum pink)
  • Eros (warm hot pink)
  • Gumball (creamy blush pink)
  • Medium Rare (creamy soft pink)
  • Lobster (burnt orange)
  • Habanero (vibrant-orange red)
  • Fireworks (vivid, bright red)
  • Cordovan (deep rose red)
  • Driftwood (soft lilac beige)
  • Doe (creamy neutral brown)
  • Smoked Almond (bright rose brown)
  • Toast And Butter (peach cinnamon)
  • Dionysus (deep plum)
  • Double Fudge (intense dark brown)
I have my eye on a few of these shades! A lot of them sound amazing for fall. Here is some more photos of the colors coming out. Let me know which colors you are looking forward to getting! 

All photo credit belong to MAC Cosmetics. Thank you so much for sending me information on these new products! 

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