Hi loves, I know I haven't touched on this on any of my blog posts, or if I did, I didn't go into too much detail, well my boyfriend and I are expecting our little bundle of joy in May. I am currently in the start of my third trimester and I cannot be anymore excited. It has been an emotional roller coaster the last few months due to hormones, but I am so excited that it is getting closer to the due date.

We found out back in January the babies gender and I wanted to finally share that with you all. I originally had my anatomy scan on December 27th at 19 weeks, but had to get another ultra sound down on January 25th because they were not able to get photos of everything they needed due to the baby being in an awkward position. But during both ultra sounds they stated the baby was a girl! I was so excited to find out and just the thought of having a little girl just made me so happy.

This is my boyfriend and I's first baby and preparing for her has been so much fun. We have started painting the nursery and will be working on the flooring and closet within the next few weeks. Once the nursery is completed I will do a blog post with photos as well as a YouTube video of the room! We still have a long way to go yet when it comes to everything we need and we have about 12 weeks until the arrival of our little girl.

With it getting closer and closer to the due date I have been getting more tired and also have been getting really bad heart burn. But other then that things have been going really well. The first trimester was for sure the worst since I had terrible morning sickness and migraines. And with the second trimester things were really good as well. So, so far this pregnancy has been amazing.

I will for sure keep you guys updated when things get closer as well as do a nursery tour and all that fun stuff! And will probably have a few baby hauls on my channel as well!

Let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to do a post on in regards to my pregnancy! I would love to share as much information with you guys as possible!

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