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Day In The Life| Mommy Blog #2

Hey everyone! Welcome to my mommy blog #2. I have been extremely productive lately! I finally got my inventory in last Thursday for DotDotSmile, so I spent Thursday taking photos of all the pretty dresses, then Friday I had my launch! I have tons of dresses available from 6/12month all the way up to 12/14 in girls. If you would like to purchase a dress I am going to be giving my followers 10% off their first purchase as well as free shipping! So if you would like to check out my inventory come follow my Facebook group here!

Then on Saturday we went to our state fair! We had a lot of fun but it was extremely hot. Mila surprisingly did wonderful. I was worried that she would be really fussy but she wasn't. Then Sunday I made homemade wet burritos and we just had a chill day.

Today I did a little photo shoot with Mila, which I included a couple of photos below from the shoot! In her pictures she is wearing a DotDotSmile dress that I kept for her and her headband is from H&M. It came in a set of three and I seriously love them because of the thicker band. 

Then later this evening I hit up Walgreens to get in on some couponing deals, since I am trying to work on building a bigger stock pile before winter comes. If you would like me to do a weekly post on which deals I come a crossed, let me know!

I will be pretty busy the rest of the week with getting things ready for something else I am excited to start. Once it all becomes official, I will for sure fill you guys in! But thats basically all I have to update you guys on today. I wish I had more photos to share of the little one, but it was so hard to capture the two that I did since she couldn't stop grabbing at her feet! She is growing up too fast!! 

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