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My 2018 New Years Resolution|A Healthier New Me

I have been going back and fourth a lot lately on what I need to do to become a better new me. And I thought a lot about how I was going to write this post because I do not want to come a crossed as someone who doesn't love herself, because I do, I am just unhappy with myself. I am unhappy with how I let myself go the last couple of years. It's hard having a lot of emotional baggage and a lot of it came from losing my parents. It has been extremely tough... which I am thinking of doing a whole post on losing my parents in the near future since I have been meaning to do a post on it. So that will be up maybe the beginning of next year.

I just wanted to share a little back story on my "why". Why I want to become a healthier person, why I want to feel better about my self, etc. I haven't always been over weight. I was pretty small as a kid until I hit about 4th grade, then I chunked out a little, but once I went through puberty I slimmed down. When I was a sophomore in high school (back in the beginning of 2009) I went through major depression and I wouldn't really say I had a eating disorder, but from being depressed I wasn't eating...and I would occasionally make myself throw up. Being a teenage girl, looks were everything to me. I was at my smallest during this time (teenage age wise) and was only 119 pounds (which may not seem small, but to me it was a huge difference). I actually was admitted to the hospital for my depression.  It wasn't until back in 2010 when I got the Depo shot that I started gaining some weight. Not just a little weight, but a lot of weight.

From then my weight just kept going up. Now I am not going to share with you all my current weight, once I get to where I want to be, I will for sure share numbers with you guys. But for right now, I am going to keep it on the down low.

Anyways, lets fast forward a little to the past year. While I was pregnant with my daughter I only gained about 30 pounds and after having her I lost a lot of weight the first month. I was actually smaller then when I found out I was pregnant, which was amazing to me. But slowly as the months have gone passed, I put all that weight back on. Now here we are almost 8 months later and I am unhappy with myself. I completely let myself go. Not only with me weight, but with my appearance as well.

I want to go on this journey mainly for myself, but also for my daughter. I want to feel better about myself and to be more confident. So I have some things in mind already to help me out on this journey, so the first step is completely changing my eating habits. And then I will also be investing in a treadmill. Since I am a stay at home mom, it's important for me to be home with my daughter so having a treadmill here, she can be with me while I work out!

As for blogging goes, I really want to do like a couple posts a month about what I am eating and just my weight lost journey. I am not sure if you guys are going to be interested in reading about it, but that's ok since I am doing this for me and it will be nice for me to look back on a year from now!

I know this post is super super long, but I am just excited to do this and I am going to make 2018 my year! Let me know in the comments below what your New Year's resolution is and if you guys have any tips and tricks for me when it comes to starting a healthier life style!

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