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My Current Skincare Favorites|December 2017

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Hi loves, I was seriously thinking about doing Blogmas this year, but I didn't want to let anyone down including my self in case I couldn't make a post everyday, so instead of Blogmas, I am going to try and post at least three times a week! I am also going to try and do a few giveaways as well with the Holidays coming up. I thought I would start December off with some of my current favorite skincare items. I have been using all of these products for the last couple of weeks and will continue to use them throughout December. My skin gets so awful in the winter so I am very picky when it comes to my skincare and with my dry skin. So I thought I would just share my current favorites with ya'll. A few of these are considered more high end and a few are considered drugstore. So lets go a head and get started! I will be talking about each product from left to right. 
  • Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub: I use this scrub almost everyday. When I am not using this scrub, there is a different one I use which I will mention very soon. This scrub is very gentle on the skin. I love using this after I use a cleanser. It leaves my face feeling really smooth. This product retails for $9.99 and can be purchased at and most drugstores. 
  • DermaE Hydrating Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid: I have been loving this moisturizer. I obviously apply it at night time. It has so many different vitamins in it and macadamia oil to really help moisturize your skin. And it also smells wonderful which is a plus. This product retails for $24.99 and can be found at or
  • DermaE Microdermabrasion Scrub with Dead Sea Salt: When I do not use the Biore scrub, I use this. This one is a little more harsh compared to the Biore one, so when my face is feeling extra dry and flakey I will go in with this scrub. It has an amazing fresh scent and leaves my face feeling flawless. This product retails for $29.99 and can be found at or
  • DermaE Hydrating Cleanser: This is my everyday face cleansers. I like to use it in the morning and at night. It is part of the same line as the night cream and using these two together seriously makes a huge difference in my skin. I love these two together. I need to pick up the day cream as well! This product retails for $15.50 and can be found at
  • Glamglow Supercleanse Clearing Cream-to-Foam Cleanser: This cleanser is seriously amazing. I get little breakouts here and there and this cleanser and the face mask does such a great job at clearing my skin. It can be used on all skin types. I have the Jelly Balm cleanser too, but this one is for sure my favorite. If you get breakouts, I would highly recommend checking this out. It retails for $32.00 and can be found at
  • Glamglow Supercleanse Clearing Treatment: This is my go-to face mask. I've used this mask for a couple of years now and it will forever be my favorite. If you have very sensitive skin, this may cause irritation. It will leave your face pretty red after using, but it does such an amazing job at clearing all my pores. A lot of times I will use it only on my t-zone and sometimes my cheeks which is where I get the most breakouts. It is such an incredible mask. This product retails for $69.00 and can be found at
  • REN Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum: I have been using this for product now for about a month and a half. I apply it before adding my makeup. It is really cool because it goes from a serum to a primer and it helps smooth and reduce pore size. So I love to apply this all over my face just to give a little extra base to my makeup. It also helps reduce redness and dryness, which is a huge plus for me. This product retails for $55.00 and can be found at
Those are all of my current skincare favorites. Some of them I have been using for a while now and some are new to me since the beginning of November. Once I find things that work with my skin, I stick with it. The only other product I use is makeup remover wipes which those are always changing, so I really don't have a favorite of those.

Let me know in the comments below what some of your favorites are for the winter. I would love to hear your recommendations. 

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