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My Blogging and Social Media Goals For 2019

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Can you guys believe that 2018 is right around the corner? This year has gone by so incredibly fast. My daughter turned one and is continually growing so fast and I also got married in September to my high school sweet heart. 2018 has been one of my favorite years by far. A lot has happened when it has come to my personal life as well as my blogging and social media journey. I have many goals this upcoming year that I am going to work my butt off to accomplish. I wanted to focus this blog post on my blogging goals and social media goals for 2019. I do have some personal goals I wish to achieve in 2019, but I am going to be doing a YouTube video on that.

I think I did a similar blog post to this last year but honestly, I didn't reach many of my goals. Which I am not going to beat myself up about it because I know this year is going to be my year. I am in full crunch mode. Before we begin, these goals may be silly to some people and that's okay. I don't expect everyone to find MY goals important to them. But this is whats important to me and things I want to achieve. So let's start off with my blogging goals for 2019.

Blogging Goals:

  • Second Income: making my blog into a second income for my household is my number one goal. I am a stay at home mom so the only income we have right now is my husbands. The last two months of 2018 was amazing for my blog. I made more in the last two months from blogging and social media then I did all year. I haven't decided how much I would like to push a month, but the first few months of 2019 I would love to make $300 a month and slowly go up. $300 might not seem a lot to some, but that is enough to help pay about three bills in my household, which I know would be a huge help to my husband.
  • 250,000 Views: this would be so incredible to accomplish. I didn't have google analytics set up for a full year on my blog yet, but now that I have everything set up like I should, I can track it starting January 1st. I would love to bring in 250,000 blog views in a year. This one will be tough, but to accomplish that I plan on doing better with Pinterest since I know Pinterest is one of the key's to high blog views. 
  • Posting WAY More: I would love to get into the habit of at least posting two blog posts a week! I have a lot of blog ideas for 2019 including lifestyle, beauty, food etc. So I think doing two post a week will be extremely easy to achieve. 
Those are pretty much my current three blogging goals for 2019. Now let's move onto my social media goals! 

Social Media Goals:
  • Become Monetized on YouTube: this is the first goal I would love to accomplish in 2019. Becoming monetized would just bring in so much opportunity for my family and I. I am currently at 65% percent watch time and I have hit the subscriber goal. So I just need to get my watch time up. I am hoping I can do so by March of 2019. 
  • Upload Two Videos a Week: this is something I think will be do-able. I want to better manage my social media and blog, so I think having dedicated days will help. So twice a week I will have a blog post and also two YouTube videos. I used to tend to focus on one thing over the other, but both are equally as important to me. 
  • Reach 1,000 Facebook Likes: I am currently at 482 likes and would love to reach 1,000 come next year! I think it will be very do-able! 
  • Reach 1,000 Twitter Followers: I am over half way there so I think I for sure can make it to 1,000 in 2019.
  • Reach 250,000 Monthly Viewers on Pinterest: as of today I am at 77,700 monthly viewers. I would love to reach 250,000 monthly viewers in one month! That would seriously be so awesome!
  • Reach 1,000 Followers on Pinterest: I am about halfway there as well! I have seeing the potential in Pinterest so I have been focusing more time on it lately, so I know these goals will also help with my blog views.
I currently do not have any goals with my Instagram. I am kind of just going with the flow on their right now because it is really hard to grow on Instagram. So I am just going to continue to just go with the flow with that social media platform. 

So those are all my current social media and blogging goals for 2019. I think in June I will do an updated post to see if I have reached any of my goals yet. And if I do, I can always add to my goals or switch up my numbers. 

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading my goals. I would love to get a new Erin Condren life planner so I can start planning in full force. I would love to hear some of your goals for 2019. 

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Teen Girls 2018

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I have been on such a roll with my gift guides and I think this will be my final one for this year! I thought I would end it with my favorite! Opening my stocking was my favorite part of Christmas morning. And I wanted to create a stocking stuffers guide for teen girls. Not only will your teen love these ideas, these are all items I would love to get as well! So these could work from pre teen all the way to late 20's in my opinion! So let's get started!

  • Tarte Beach, Sleep Repeat Mini Set- this set is so cute and is perfect for the stocking! It comes with a mini mascara as well as a mini blush. Best part? It is only $10.00! So super affordable and super cute! You can purchase this set at Sephora.com
  • First Aid Beauty Clean Canyon Set: I am a huge fan of First Aid Beauty and I think this set would be perfect for someone who would love to try out some new skin care. This set comes with face cleanser as well as a coconut water cream. It is also only $10 and can be found at Sephora.com
  • Sephora Collection Give Me Some Glitter Set: this set would be perfect for someone who loves everything glitter and sparkly. It would be perfect to create a holiday eye look for Christmas and New Years Eve. This set comes with 3 different glitters and glitter adhesive to help the glitter stick. It is also only $10 and can be found at Sephora.com
  • 2019 Planner: I think a great item to always receive on Christmas is a new planner for the upcoming year. I love planning everything out and if you have a teen that is involved with a lot of school activities or if you work or go to college, I feel like a planner is a must! I found this super cute blue marble print one from Target.com and its only $9.99! 
  • Pens: and to go with a new planner, a new set of pens would be perfect! I know I love pens and I am either always losing them, or using them a lot and the ink runs out. So I think its always important to have a new set of pens! I love this set from Target.com because it comes with so many cute colors to spice up your planner! 
  • Goody Comfortable Elastic Hair Ties: THESE ARE A MUST! I don't know about you, but I am constantly losing my pony tails. And I would say a good portion of girls use pony tails on occasion! So I would say throw a pack into whoever's stocking you are doing, because more then likely they are down to like 2 that they guard with their life lol. You can get a pack of 37 for $4.79 at Target.com
  • Bobby Pins: these are another must. I swear I go through a new pack of bobby pins a month because I always lose them! And they are also super affordable as well. You can get 45 for only $3.99 at Target.com
  • Bath Bombs: I always find bath bombs super fun! They come in many different colors, scents and some even have added glitter! Target.com has a bunch all raging from $3-$5. I know my nieces love getting bath bombs! 
  • Makeup Remover Wipes: I feel like this is something that I am constantly running out of. I think this would be the perfect item to throw in a stocking because everyone could use more makeup remover wipes! They are great at removing makeup, but they are also nice to use after the gym, going to gym class etc. And Neutrogena are of course my favorite! You can get a pack at Target.com for only $4.99. 
  • And of course some smaller items you can always through in is gum, candy, chapstick etc. 
I really hope this blog post gave you lots of ideas! Looking back on when I was a teenager, my mother always used to have some of these items in my stocking for me. And to this day I would still love everything listed above lol! 

10 Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas Christmas 2018

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I am back with another gift guide post! For some reason, I have been really enjoying making these gift guides! And I thought since I am currently in the process of buying stocking stuffers for my toddler, I would create a post including items that I will be putting in my toddlers stocking! I hope you guys enjoy this post and these ideas can work really well for both girls and boys!

  1. Play-Doh: for my daughter, we picked up some of the smaller containers that you can find at Target or Walmart that are only $.50. I picked up four different colors but I don't think they will all fit in her stocking, so I may just wrap some up individually and put them under the tree as well. If you have multiple children, this set would be perfect to buy and to separate between each stockings. There is 15 mini containers of Play-doh which would fit in the stockings perfectly! And this mini set is only $5.89 at Target.com.
  2. Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush: We ended up picking up Mila a Disney princess battery powered toothbrush for her stocking. She loves brushing her teeth on her own, but this one will help ensure she is getting her little teeth perfectly clean and they are less then $5 at Target.com.  
  3. Munchkin Bath Letters: my daughter loves playing in the bath and I thought these little Munchkin bath letters would be perfect for her to play with. We are always in need of some more bath toys so I think this would be an amazing idea. Again less then $5 at Target.com
  4. Munchkin Bath Crayons: this is something I would have loved as a kid! Being able to draw in the bath tub without leaving a huge mess behind is a dream. I think these would be a lot of fun for kids to play with! Plus they are super easy to clean up as well. These are $4.49 and can also be purchased from Target.com
  5. Crayola Jumbo Crayons: basically any type of crayons would be perfect for the stocking. My daughter loves to color so we go through our crayons pretty quickly. I love the jumbo ones because they are a little easier for her to hold onto when she's coloring. And Crayola is our go to brand when it comes to anything having to do with coloring. The 16ct jumbo pack is only $5.99 at Target.com
  6. Cozy Socks: last year we had picked up a couple of pair to put in Mila's stocking. They are nice filler gifts and you can find them for under $5. My favorite are the ones from Oldnavy.com. They are only $3.99 and have a lot of cute designs and characters. 
  7. Candy: of course this wouldn't be the healthiest option, but what kid doesn't love chocolate or candy? You can usually find the $1 candy canes at Walmart or Target that have M&M's, Skittles, Butter Cups etc in them. I know we will be at least picking up one for her stocking.
  8. Tucker + Tate Mittens: just like the cozy socks, I think getting a pair of mittens would be super cute! I found these cute ones from Nordstrom that are currently on sale for $9.00! They look so warm and cozy! I will need to get a pair for Mila's stocking! You can shop for the mittens at Nordstrom.com.
  9. Hair Accessories: I found these super cute bows from Nordstrom. They are by Capelli New York and come with 8 different clip on bows. I think any type of hair accessory would work. You can get headbands, pony tails and bows! This set is $14.00 at Nordstrom.com
  10. Books: I feel like a child can never have too many books. Target has a great selection and one of my favorites is the Who Likes Christmas? which is about the Grinch! The Grinch is actually one of my favorite movies! You can get this book for $4.24 at Target.com
I would love to hear some of your stocking stuffer ideas as well! These were just my top 10 options that I came up with for my Daughter. I hope you guys enjoyed! 

Holiday Gift Guide For Her Under $25

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I am so excited that so many of you enjoyed my Toddler Holiday Gift Guide! In case you missed it I will go a head and link it right here. I really wanted to do a holiday gift guide for her with items under $25.00. I am a beauty lover at heart so I put together some awesome gift ideas for the special lady in your life. These gifts are perfect for sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces etc! These gifts are aimed towards the beauty lovers. And the best part? They are all $25 and under! I really hope you guys enjoy! So let's go a head and get started!

  1. Beauty Blender Sweet Surprise Mystery Blind Bag (at Sephora.com for $20)- this is such a great gift idea! I am actually adding this on my Christmas wishlist for my husband to get me. This gift will come with 1 of 4 beauty blenders. And it also comes with a mini blendercleanser. The Beauty Blender is one of my favorite sponges to apply my makeup. And the thought of it being a surprise on which Beauty Blender you get, is just so exciting. You may get a original Beauty Blender, a yellow called Joy, a green called Chill or the new mystery one which is rare to find. HOW EXCITING RIGHT?! I also love that it comes with a mini cleanser as well so you can wash your Beauty Blender. 
  2. Sephora Favorites Beauty Unmasked (at Sephora.com for $24)- this set is amazing. It actually includes a lot of my favorite face masks. It comes with 6 different deluxe size samples from a lot of amazing brands including Glamglow, Boscia and Origins. This set is perfect for anyone that is really into skin care. 
  3. Marc Jacobs Daisy & Daisy Eau So Fresh Mini Set (at Sephora.com for $20)- I am a huge fan of the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume! I actually have a few perfumes by Marc Jacobs and they are all incredible. The scents are very fresh and feminine with a floral scent. If you know someone who loves fresh scents, this set would be perfect for them! Also the bottles and packaging is super cute as well! 
  4. Moroccanoil Ultimate Favorites (at Sephora.com for $25)- this is another goodies going on my Christmas wishlist! It comes with the best of the best when it comes to Moroccanoil products. If you know someone who loves hair care, this set would be perfect for them! It comes with three products to help give your hair some added shine and moisture. 
  5. Maybelline Countdown Mini Mascara Kit (at Ulta.com for $14.99)- this set is perfect for the mascara lovers! Maybelline has some of the best drugstore mascaras and I highly recommend them. This set comes with 4 mini mascaras and its only $14.99! It's super cute and would actually make a really good stocking stuffer too! 
  6. Morphe 35V Stunning Vibes Artistry Palette (at Ulta.com for $24)- I think this palette would be perfect for the holidays! It has a mix of shimmers and mattes as well as beautiful neutral shades and cool tones. Morphe has pretty amazing palettes, so you really can't go wrong! 
  7. The Body Shop Coconut Body Care Essentials Gift (at Ulta.com for $20)- this is a great set for coconut lovers. I am a huge fan of The Body Shop products and their coconut scent is one of my favorites. This set comes with shower cream, body scrub, body butter, soap and a white bath lily all for $20! It is such a great deal and has quailty products! I may even pick this set up for someone in my family! 
  8. China Glaze The Grinch Micro Mini Nail Polish Kit (at Ulta.com for $17.50)- nail polish lovers are going to love this set! The shades are based on The Grinch, which is one of my favorite Christmas movies! It comes with 8 mini nail polishes and they are seriously all so beautiful. China Glaze also has a great nail polish formula as well! 
  9. LORAC Shine Bright Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set (at Ulta.com for $25)- LORAC makes amazing glosses and this set comes with 6 different shades. And they are all wearable colors too, which is why I love this set! 
  10. Caboodles Makeup Organizer (at Target.com for $19.99)- this may sound silly to some, but the Caboodles are amazing! I always wanted one when I was younger to store all of my makeup. Any beauty lover will love this! It's so cute and actually holds a lot of products! This pink one is super cute so I wanted to make sure I included it in this list! But this gift can work from younger girls and all the way up! 
  11. EOS Berry Blossom Lip + Lotion Set (at Target.com for $7.99)- this would be a great gift for a little gift exchange or a stocking stuffer! It comes with a EOS lip balm and a lotion as well. I know my nieces and little sister loves EOS so it's a great small gift and super affordable. 
  12. Dr Teal's Bath and Body Gift Set (at Target.com for $3.99)- this is another great smaller gift and less then $5! It comes with a salt scrub, foaming bath and body wash! Perfect little gift if you're on a budget. 
  13. E.L.F Holiday Brush Set 10 pc (at Target.com for $20.00)- beauty lovers can always use new brushes! If your loved ones are like me, I have the same brush set from 4 years ago (lol, I know it's awful). E.L.F has amazing makeup brushes for a great price! I love picking up the holiday brush sets from E.L.F to give out to family members! 
So those are my picks that I feel like many people would enjoy! I wanted to do an affordable list, so I hope you found this helpful! I would love to hear what some of your favorite beauty gifts are that are under $25! 

Toddler Girl Holiday Gift Guide

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Can you believe that Christmas is in less then two months?! I must admit, I love Christmas. It is seriously one of my favorite holidays. I love decorating, baking, eating and spending time with family! Now that I am a parent I get even more excited for Christmas (which I didn't think was possible). Last year Mila was only about 8 months old. And now this year she will be around 20 months old! Which means she is going to be extra fun to watch this year opening up all her gifts!

I thought I would create a holiday gift guide of some of the items I am thinking of getting Mila or just ideas that I think would be perfect for toddlers. Now, since she will be almost 20 months old, I am planning on buying her items around 2 years instead of the more "baby" toys. She is very smart for her age and she already has plenty of toys ranging from 0-18months but I really want to expand so she can grow with her new toys. So let's get started on some of the ideas I picked out!

  1. LATT Children's Table and 2 Chairs (IKEA): I have been eyeing this set for a while. And I love that this one isn't a "character" set, it is just a more basic set which I think will be perfect for when we have another child in the future as well. I think having her own table and chairs would be so cute either in our living room for her or in her bedroom. And this would is super affordable as well! It is only $29.99. 
  2. Doc McStuffins Pet Vet On the Go Pet Carrier Whispers (Target): My daughter may have a slight obsession with watching Doc McStuffins and she is also a huge fan of cats. So I thought this toy would be perfect for her. The age recommendation on it is 3+ due to some smaller parts, I personally would just take some of the smaller pieces away until I felt comfortable with her using them. But the carrier and cat would be perfect for her! This toy does retail for $19.99 and can be found at Target
  3. Step2 Little Helper's Shopping Cart (Target): I think a little shopping cart would be so cute! And I am pretty sure one of her aunties is getting her one for Christmas. This gift will go with another gift that we are planning on getting (play food). I love this Step2 one because it comes with a little seat to put her baby in. I think it's a great role playing gift and will allow your child to use their imagination. This would retails for $36.99 and can be found at Target
  4. Honestly Cute In The Pantry Food Set (Target): I love this set! It comes with over 65 pieces and it would go perfect with the shopping cart! Best part? It's only $14.99! So another pretty affordable gift for your little one! This set can also be purchased at Target
  5. Melissa & Doug My First Wood Cube Puzzle (Target): this puzzle is a little to "grown up" for Mila, but if you have a toddler 3+ this would be perfect! I think puzzles are great for learning and the wooden ones are some of my favorite. I am also a huge fan of Melissa & Doug toys! They are amazing quailty. This set is $9.99 and can also be purchased at Target
  6. Play-Doh Rainbow Starter Pack (Target): as you can tell, I love shopping at Target lol! Anyways, Play-Doh is an awesome gift for toddlers! Yes it can get messy, but again it does help with a childs imagination. I plan on getting Mila a set and maybe a couple of singles to put in her stocking. This set is only $4.99 and can be found at you guessed it, Target
  7. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book (Target): I think this would be the perfect gift for a toddler who is starting to learn more words! I am a huge fan of LeapFrog products and I am thinking of picking up one of these for Mila! It retails for $17.99 and can be found at Target. 
  8. Mega Bloks Big Building Bag (Target)my daughter received a big bag of these around her birthday and she is just now getting to the point where she wants to play with them and build things with them. I would highly recommend picking a giant bag up. This set contains 80 pieces and retails for $14.99! Also super affordable! 
  9. LEGO Princess Belle's Tea Party (Target): if your child is out of the big mega blocks, this set by LEGO would be perfect! The pieces are smaller but it does come with some characters and little tea cups! I am thinking of picking up a set or two for Mila because she loves playing with little characters and the princess reminds me of one of her little people sets that she owns that is Disney Princesses! I think this set is adorable! LEGO brand is a little bit more expensive for what you get. This set is $15.99. 
  10. Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Annie Doll Set (Target): Mila already has one baby but I would love to pick up this set for her as well. That way she can take both babies "shopping" with her. This set comes with a bottle and it also pees! I think would love it and it is a great learning toy. We plan on potty training Mila in a few months so this toy would be a great teaching tool as well. This set is $22.99.
Those are some of my top gifts that I think any toddler girl would love! I also plan on getting Mila some pajamas, a few books, maybe a movie or two as well! If you would like to see what I plan on putting in her stocking as well, I can do a blog post on that! Just let me know in the comments! And also if you have other gift ideas as well, I would love to hear them! I am a first time mom so I am kind of learning as I go! 

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection Swatches & Review

This blog contains affiliated links and ads. I may receive a small portion if you purchase through one of my links which doesn't cost you anything. This palette was sent to me by Urban Decay but all opinions are 100% my own. 

I am so excited for today's post! And before we even begin, I apologize for the amount of photos in this post. I may have went a little overboard, but I love capturing tons of photos when it comes to a whole collection. And this post is on the new Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection! Urban Decay was so kind and sent me the whole collection. The only items I forgot to include in this post are the eyeliners. I was taking photos and finished wrapping everything up and noticed I forgot to include them! So I do apologize that I didn't include them. Since I do have so many photos, this post will be written up a little bit differently. I usually write up my review first then include all the photos. But I thought I would go through each product as the post goes down. So I hope you enjoy! 

This collection includes the Naked Cherry Eyeshadow palette, three lipsticks, one face palette and two eyeliners. Urban Decay seriously comes out with some of the best collections. I remembered someone had shown a leaked photo of the palette before it was released and I honestly thought it was fake until I saw the post from Urban Decay! I was honestly so excited because the packaging and color concept is so beautiful. 

The Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette comes with 12 eyeshadows just like the standard Naked Palettes. The palette is also in a hard case and has cherries all over it! 

The shades included in the palette are:
  • Hot Spot (ivory matte)
  • Caution (soft neutral beige matte)
  • Bang Bang (shimmering pink with gold shift and iridescent micro-sparkle)
  • Feelz (dusty rose matte)
  • Juicy (soft warm peach)
  • Turn On (pale metallic rose shimmer)
  • Ambitious (metallic rose copper)
  • Bing (deep mauve with a matte finish)
  • Devilish (reddish plum with a matte finish)
  • Young Love (metallic cranberry)
  • Drunk Dial (deep burgundy with a metallic finish)
  • Privacy (deep brownish-plum matte)
Just like the rest of Urban Decay eyeshadows, these are amazing. I always love that they have a mix of shimmers, metallics, mattes etc. I thought they were all pretty pigmented and the mattes blended out really nicely on the lid. I love using the shimmer shades all over my lid to make my eye look pop. 

This palette retails for $49.00 and can be purchased from www.ulta.com

Next is the Naked Cherry Highlight and Blush palette. Unlike the other highlight and blush palettes, the packaging on these are cardboard just like some of the other recent collabs. I am going to be honest, I wasn't too excited about this palette because I don't feel the colors work well with my complexion. The blush is too dark and the highlights don't work for me. The colors are beautiful and they blend nice, they just aren't my cup of tea. I feel like this palette would be so beautiful on medium to deep skin tones! 

This palette retails for $34.00 and can be purchased at www.ulta.com

Also part of this collection is the All Nighter Setting Spray and it has a cherry scent! The All Nighter Setting Spray is literally one of my holy grail products and I love that this one has a added scent! 

You can purchase this mini size for $15.00 at www.ulta.com.

Lastly are the lipsticks! There are three shades in this collection and they are stunning! From left to right we have: Devilish (which is a berry pink with tonal micro-shimmer), Juicy (which is a light peachy pink with copper micro shimmer) and lastly Cherry (deep berry wine). Cherry is probably the most wearable in my opinion but the other two are stunning as well. 

These lipsticks are $18.00 each and can be purchase at www.ulta.com

MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Sculpt and Shape Contour Palette in Light/Medium

"This palette was sent to me complimentary from MAC Cosmetics. All opinions are 100% my own. This post may also include ads and affiliate links. I may receive a small portion if you click and purchase from a link at no extra cost to you."

Hi guys, it has been a hot minute since I have posted a new blog post! Things have been really crazy lately. I got married on September 29th to my high school sweetheart. It was seriously the best night of my life. Between planning the wedding and uploading more on YouTube, I kind of neglected my blog a little bit and I am so sorry about that! But I am back and have a lot of post planned for you guys! A lot of beauty reviews because there has been a lot of amazing products that have recently came out so I hope you are excited!

For todays post, I wanted to finally do a review on the MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Sculpt and Shape Contour palette. MAC recently came out with two contour palettes and the one I am reviewing for you today is the Light/Medium palette. They also have the shade Medium Dark/Dark.

I love the packaging on these palettes. They are nice and sturdy so you do not have to worry about the products breaking inside. It also comes with a plastic sleeve on the inside letting you know the shade names. I usually throw those away myself, but for those of you that do not mind them, it is pretty handy that it does list the names.

With the Light/Medium palette it comes with three matte contouring shades and three subtly shimmery highlighting powders, (very very subtle shimmer). The shades in this palette may be colors that are already in your collection if you have used MAC sculpting powders and highlighting powders before!

The shades in this palette are:

  • Emphasize- off white with fine pearl
  • Cream- light creamy beige with fine pearl
  • Accentuate- peachy beige with fine pearl 
  • Taupe- soft muted beige brown
  • Sculpt- soft taupe matte
  • Bone Beige- soft warm brown matte
I personally love using Emphasize, Taupe and Sculpt on my face. I find those three shades work the best with my fair skin as well as my cool tone skin color. Bone Beige is a little too dark and warm for me and the other highlighting shades are a little too dark for me as well. But Emphasize works perfectly under my eyes to set my concealer. 

As for the texture of the products, I find them to be very smooth and blend easily. But I did find the Cream and Accentuate shades were a little chalky. I owned one of the contour shades before in a single pan and the texture and quailty was the same as it is in the palette.

You also get a super good deal with this palette verses if you were to buy all the powders separately. This palette retails for $39.50 and can be purchased at Nordstrom and MAC Cosmetics. 

New Urban Decay Elements Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

This blog contains affiliated links and ads. I may receive a small portion if you purchase through one of my links which doesn't cost you anything. This palette was sent to me by Urban Decay but all opinions are 100% my own. 

Urban Decay has done it again! They have came out with another bomb ass palette! (yes I felt the need to add a curse word because I absolutely love this palette lol). Not only are the shades in this palette beautiful, but the packaging is to die for! This is the new Urban Decay Elements Eyeshadow Palette! This palette is named after different elements (air, earth, fire and water). It comes with 19 different eyeshadows and a mix of different finishes. 

Don't mind me, I also went a little photo happy when I was taking pictures lol. I just really wanted to make sure I captured the beauty of this palette. 

Let's go over all the shades! I have the swatches shown towards the bottom of this post, so I will be going from left to right from the swatches, since I kind of went in an odd order when I was swatching!
  • Heavy Water- bright metallic blue
  • Sapphire Dream- bright navy blue metallic (this is literally one of my favorite shades in the whole palette. It is super bright and just so beautiful.)
  • Fortune-Teller- metallic pink-red with green 3-D sparkle shift
  • Electric Air- pinkish silver with iridescent micro glitter
  • Silver Burn- smoky purple with pink iridescent sparkle
  • Antidote- soft warm nude matte 
  • Secret Keeper- bright green satin with gold shift
  • Earthbound- forest green satin with tonal micro-shimmer (another one of my favorites from this palette. I love forest green shades and find this is so beautiful for fall)
  • Fool's Gold- metallic gold with tonal sparkle
  • Elemental- sienna matte (this works really well as a transition shade as well as Antidote)
  • Volcanic- bronze metallic
  • Moon Rock- metallic copper with iridescent sparkle
  • Lioness- smoky burgundy satin with bronze sparkle
  • Fire Starter- deep red with gold micro-shimmer
  • Tectonic- chocolate brown with iridescent micro-sparkle
  • Dream Weaver- bright pink matte (this was the only shadow that I had any problems with. It was a little bit on the dryer side and didn't blend out very well)
  • Hex Remedy- bright purple with iridescent sparkle
  • Ego- soft pinkish-purple with blue micro shimmer
  • Luna- white shimmer with iridescent micro sparkle

All of the shades in this palette are so beautiful. You can create so many looks with this palette. Elemental and Antidote make really good transition shades. The rest look amazing all over the lid. I also love using Luna in the inner corner to brighten up the eye look. If you are big into shimmer and glitter you will love this palette. 

The shades are very pigmented. The only eyeshadow that I had an issue with was the Dream Waver shade. And that was one of the matte shades and it was a tad dry and hard to blend out. Other then that, all of the shades performed extremely well. 

This palette does retail for $52.00 and each eyeshadow contains .03oz of product. You can currently purchase this palette from Sephora.com and this palette is limited edition!

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask Giveaway

These products were sent to me complimentary from Glamglow. All opinions are 100% my own. This post also contains affiliate links. 

Anyone else have a slight obsession with face masks? I still remember it was about four years ago that I splurged on my first high end face mask and it was the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment. I have been using this mask about 3 times a month since then! (Not the same one, I have gone through three containers so far lol).

I have mentioned this mask in a past blog post but I really wanted to provide more information since the post I did previously was about some of my skin care favorites and didn't really go into too much detail about the product itself. And on top of it, Glamglow was so kind and sent me a few masks and I wanted to give one away to one of my followers! Which I will add at the bottom of this post.

The Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask is one of the best masks to help clear pores, helps with oiliness and acne. I love using this mask during that time of the month because thats typically when my face breaks out the most. If for some reason I get a random people during the month I will also use this as a spot treatment.

You can leave this mask on from anywhere between 5 minutes up to 20 minutes. However, I have found leaving it on longer will cause my skin to be a little read after. So I personally leave it on for about 10 minutes. This mask is perfect for all skin types but if you do have sensitive skin it may be a little irritating to your skin.

This mask is a little on the pricey side but they have three different sizes you can buy. The have the mini size which includes .5oz of product and retails for $25.00, the standard size which contains 1.7oz of product and retails for $59.00 and lastly they have the value size which contains 3.5oz of product and retails for $79.00. And all three sizes can be purchased from www.sephora.com.

So for the giveaway I will be giving away one standard size mask. I love this mask so much that I wanted to gift it to one of you! The giveaway will go on for two weeks and you must be located in the USA. Also must have your parents permission to enter if you are under 18!

My Top 5 Favorite Money Saving Apps

This post contains affiliated links and ads. This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. 

With my wedding coming up in less then two months, I have been on a major money saving spree. One of the main ways I found to save money is using different apps. I have cut spending big time but we still have our weekly grocery runs so these apps have been a huge help. I did a post a while ago about some of my money saving tips while shopping but this one I am just going to focus on apps that I use weekly. And some of these apps are newly used by me so they weren't included in that last post. But I will go over a few that I did use in the other post as well, just because these are my top favorites! I hope you find these apps helpful and let me know if you have used them before as well! Let's go a head and get started!

  1. iBotta- this has been the app I have used the most. Since joining iBotta I have received $77.41 back. With iBotta they have a list of products that you can receive cash back on and once you hit $20.00 you can either have that money deposited into your PayPal account or receive a giftcard. 
        -How it works is that when you go to the iBotta app they have a bunch of different stores listed. You choose which store you are shopping at and a bunch of products will show up. Today I had bought Mountain Dew Ice and they had .75 cents cash back when you buy one. So all you have to do is click on the offer, submit your receipt and you will instantly get the .75 cents added to your account. They have so many different products on their and a lot of the times they will have .25 cent offer even if you buy one thing. It's seriously such an incredible app and I highly recommend downloading it. Be sure to use my referral code "njfpcg" when signing up!

    2. Fetch Rewards- this is by far my new favorite app. I actually just downloaded this app a week ago and I already received $15. Fetch Rewards is another app that you submit your receipt but you get points on certain brands that you purchase. So instead of buying a specific item, if you buy something from a certain brand you will get points. So every time I go shopping I submit my receipt and it will automatically tell me if I bought anything from the brands they offer. They have brands like Dove, Kraft, Knorr, Axe, Ben & Jerry's and so many more! With those points you can redeem gift cards to Sephora, Amazon, Target etc! Literally one of the best apps ever! When you download it, if you use my referral code "JN2DU" you will receive 2,000 points when you submit your first receipt which equals $2.

    3. ShopKick- this is a fun app! With Shopkick you receive points just for walking into a store! If you have your location on, as soon as you walk into a store you will receive points. They also have a bunch of products on the app that if you find those items in store and scan the product bar code you will receive even more points! You don't even need to purchase the product! But if you do purchase an item listed on the app, you will receive even more points! With those points you can then redeem them for giftcards. So far I have received a free $10 giftcard just for walking through the store! So if you are out and about anyway, you might as well be using it right?? Who doesn't love free gift cards!

   4. Checkout 51- this app is very similar to iBotta as well. You get cash back for buying certain items as well. Yesterday I had bought Dove deodorant from Target and I was able to get $1.25 back which is awesome! I don't use this one too often just because I forget I have it downloaded. But if you really want to be on top of your game, I recommend downloading this one and using it with iBotta too.

   5. Ebates- this is the app I have been using the longest, which I talk about this website/app all the time too. Not only can you use it on your phone, you can also use it on your computer too. I have received over $200 in cash back. All you have to do is log into your Ebates account and search for any store you want to shop. A new window will pop up and all you have to do is shop like you normally would and checkout like you normally wood. Sometimes stores with have up to 12% cash back! If you signup using my referral you will instantly receive $10 when you make your first purchase of $25 or more!

New It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte Review

The product iwas gifted to me by It Cosmetics. All opinions are 100% my own. Photos used in this post are from the It Cosmetics website. This post does contain affiliated links and ads.

Hi loves! Remember how in my last blog post I was giving away one of the new It Cosmetics Oil-Free Matte CC Cream? Well, I ended up receiving one in my shade from Bzzagent! So I thought I would go a head and do a review because this is a product I have been wanting since I heard it was going to be released. It Cosmetics had originally sent over the shade medium which I will never be the shade medium even when I am super tan, so I wanted to give that one away to you in my original blog post about this new CC cream. This post isn't sponsored or anything like that, but I did receive this sample complimentary from It Cosmetics.

I don't know about you, but the original CC cream by It Cosmetics is amazing. I can't wear it too often in the summer though because it does get a little oily on my skin. But they did come out with the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte version (yes you read that right, MATTE), so this will be the perfect option when it does get hot.

I wanted to include some before and after photos in this post so you can see the coverage of this foundation. It is thick just like the original and still has really good coverage like the original. I did use the the It Cosmetics CC+ Complexion Brush to apply the foundation, which I liked how easy it was to blend out but I think next time I will try with a damp beauty sponge because I did notice it did look a little caky on my dry patches.

The shade I am using is Fair Light which almost matches me perfectly right now. I usually use the shade Fair in the original.

This did do a good job at covering up my redness. It isn't extremely full coverage since you can still see some of my freckles and a few of my imperfections but this is the perfect coverage for me. And it does have a nice finish as well. In my opinion it doesn't look completely matte but doesn't look over dewy either. It just has such a beautiful natural finish. 

I think I will be replacing my original for this one just because I prefer a more matte look. (I hardly ever even use highlight on my face LOL). But if you love the original and want a more matte look, I highly recommend checking this one out. And it also comes in a few more shades compared to the original which is a plus! 

You can purchase this product at Sephora for $38.00.

New It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte|Giveaway

The product in this giveaway was gifted to me by It Cosmetics. All opinions are 100% my own. Photos used in this post are from the It Cosmetics website. This post does contain affiliated links and ads. 

Anyone else obsessed with the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream? It has been one of my favorites for in the winter when my skin is a little bit dryer. You can even check out my review here that I did a while ago. Well now It Cosmetics is releasing an all new CC cream. This is the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40. Yes, you read that correctly MATTE. You have no idea how excited I am for this new product. The original gives me a little bit of a dewy look which I like in the winter, but not so much in the summer. So the matte would be perfect.

The Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 is full coverage and works on pretty much any skin type. And according to the It Cosmetics website it should last up to 12 hours with a matte finish. This is literally a dream come true.

One thing that I find really exciting about this new CC cream is that it comes in 12 different shades which is a pretty big step compared to the original which only has 7 shades. So they did expand the shade range a little bit.

I just wanted to share with you a little bit of enough on the new product in case you were interested in trying it out. And I also thought this would be a good time to do a giveaway!

It Cosmetics actually gifted me the shade Medium and since I am super pale, obviously medium will not work for me. So I am going to be giving it away to one of you!

You can enter the giveaway right below. It is only open to the US and you must be 18 years or older to enter or have your parents permission. The giveaway is from now until August 1st 2018. The winner will be contacted by email.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Hi guys, I have an excited journey I want to take you all on and in this post I have a lot of explaining to do. Lately I have been very overwhelmed with the amount of makeup I have so within the next couple of weeks I am going to go through my collection and get it down to 4 drawers. I currently have the IKEA Alex 9 drawer unit and its pretty much completely full. A lot of it is filled with products I do not use and products I still need to review. So I thought it would be fun to write out my plans and take you on the journey with me.

Let's begin with my why.

  • Why I want a small, minimalist makeup collection: after having my daughter things changed with me completely. I was really big into spending money on makeup and not just any makeup. It was makeup that I saw everyone else buying, all the new trendy stuff that I knew in the back of my mind that I did not need. I would spend A LOT of money each month on makeup. Makeup I didn't need, makeup I didn't use, all because I wanted to fit in with what everyone else was buying. When I saw a new collection come out and everyone posting about it, I wanted to fit in with the makeup community. I thought I was doing the right thing at the time, but looking back on all the money I spent on makeup, it literally just makes me so mad at myself. Why did I need 10 new foundations? Why did I need 50 shades of nude lipsticks etc.

And I am sure a lot of you are wondering what I am going to do since I blog 70% about makeup. 
  • What will I do about my blog?: I still plan on blogging about makeup. I still love trying out new products but I am going to limit myself. I am only going to go out and purchase something that I feel like I will actually use. I also get sent a lot of PR, which a good portion of my blog posts are about. So I am still going to be putting out beauty reviews, that will never change. 

Now lets go over my plan. 
  • The plan: I will be vlogging/filming my decluttering experience on my YouTube channel. I plan on completely redoing my beauty room and turning it more into an office environment. My goal is to take one drawer at a time and just keep what I am currently using or products that I know I will use in the near future. I have posted decluttering videos in the past on my channel, but this time I want to only keep maybe 3 or 4 products of a certain type (brow pencils, eyeliners, mascaras etc). So each drawer I will film in detail on what I am keeping and why I am keeping that item. 
  • What I'm doing with the products I do not want to keep: a good portion of the products that I do not want to keep will be donated or giving to family & friends. Since I do receive a lot of PR, my goal is to keep an item or two to review and the rest be giving away to you guys. I want to give back more and instead of reviewing a whole collection, I will just review an item or two and save the rest for you guys. As for expired makeup, of course those will be thrown away. 

Clutter has really gotten to me and I've learned I do not need all these items to be happy. I have my daughter and my fiance that mean the world to me and instead of spending so much money on materialistic items, I can be saving that money to make experiences with my family. I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this journey. And please let me know if you have any questions because I am sure I am forgetting to mention some things. 

New Winky Lux Summer Collection

This post and blog contains affiliated links and ads which means I may receive a tiny portion for any click or purchase. These products were sent to me as PR from Winky Lux. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Hi loves, how is the summer heat treating everyone? It has seriously been so hot the last couple of weeks here in the U.P of Michigan, but luckily this girl finally has a AC in her bedroom which means lots of time for blogging! I have so many fun new products to share with you and I thought I would start off with some awesome new goodies from Winky Lux. A couple of these items are part of their new summer line. 

I was so excited when I received these goodies from Winky Lux. They sent over their new Marzia La Frutta Eyeshadow Palette, Pucker Up Lip Plumper in Pink Lemonade, Watermelon Jelly Balm and their Glossy Boss in Juicy. All shades are perfect for summer, but I was the most excited for the eyeshadow palettes because it just screams summer. Let's go over the eyeshadow palette first.

The Marzia La Frutta Palette comes with 5 different shades and they are all limited edition. From left to right we have Pesca (shimmery peach), Anguira (matte watermelon shade), Limone (satin lemon), Mango (metallic mango) and Uva (matte grapde). I must say, I am a little disappointed with this palette. A couple of the shades did perform really well like Limone and Mango but the other shades did not have the greatest pigmentation. I was the most excited for Anguira but the shadow was very dry and I really had to build the color up to get good pigmentation. Uva was a little hard to blend and felt dry as well. So they are not my favorite mattes but the shade Mango was incredible and worked really well all over the lid. I don't feel like its a palette you have to have in your collection. It is very pretty but I know you would be able to find shades that do perform better. 

This palette retails for $25.00 and can be found at www.winkylux.com.  

Next up we have the Pucker Up Lip Plumping Gloss in Pink Lemonade. I actually really enjoy this plumping gloss. It is a really pretty light pink color and just adds a little bit of a natural look to my lips. It does plump my lips a tiny bit and I do like the overall look. 

This plumping gloss retails for $16.00 and can be found at www.ulta.com

Next is the Watermelon Jelly Balm. I find the Winky Lux jelly balms to be very interesting. This one of course has adorable packaging and when applied to my lips it turns them into a beautiful medium pink shade. With the balms they have a pH-activated ingredients that makes it color changing. I find it very moisturizing on my lips but not sure how often I will reach for it in the future.  

You can purchase the Watermelon Jelly Balm at www.winkylux.com for $14.00. 

Lastly is the Glossy Boss in Juicy. This color is seriously so beautiful. It is a pretty coral pink shade and it also smells amazing as well. I love the formula of these glosses! 

You can purchase the gloss at www.winkylux.com for $15.00. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on some of these products! I wish the shadows were a little bit of better quailty on the eyeshadow palette because the shades were stunning. And I highly recommend checking out the plumping gloss as well! 

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