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NEW L'Oreal Crushed Foiled Collection 2018

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Does anyone else get super excited walking down the makeup isles? Well, while browsing today at Walmart I came a crossed a new collection by L'Oreal. I was literally so excited and my boyfriend was looking at me like I was nuts while I was snapping pictures. I knew as soon as I got home that I wanted to do a blog post on all the new goodies! I didn't end up buying anything, but I wanted to still share with you the new collection and whats in it.

The first thing thats part of this collection is eyeshadows. These are the Crushed Foiled Metallic Eyeshadows. At my Walmart there was three different shades. I am not sure if there is more, but this was all that was on the display. The shades are: Diamond Dust, Gilded Gold and Crushed Stone. These literally look so beautiful and I may have to go back and pick them up.

Next thing in the collection is lip glosses! I wasn't able to get the names but there were two different shades. A pretty gold and a pretty rose gold pink shade. 

They also have lipsticks that are part of this collection! Since my boyfriend was rushing me, I wasn't able to get individual photos, so I hope this one shows you what some of the colors look like! 

And lastly is highlighters! I know these will probably be a fan favorite! There is two different shades in this collection! And everything in this collection is priced at $9.97 each! Let me know in the comments below if you will be picking up anything from this collection and if you like this type of post let me know and I can do more!

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  1. Wow, the shades are really nice, hope this is already available in a store near me!

    The Flower Duet