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Best Amazon Products To Stay Organized For Under $10

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Hi guys, I am so excited for today's post. I am someone who is obsessed with stationary, planners, pens and notebooks. I love writing everything down and planning out my life. From planning out grocery lists to planning out meals, to planning out our finances, to planning out my blog posts, I literally plan everything.

So I tend to purchase a lot of items from Amazon and I wanted to share with you some of my favorites. Amazon is a super affordable place to purchase things and Amazon Prime is seriously a must. I love being able to get two day free shipping on everything! I created a list of some of my favorites that I find are must haves for planning out your life.

  • Pens- I am in love with these pens by MyLifeUNIT. They come in a pack of 10 and range from different colors. They have a very fine tip which makes it super easy to write in my planner. They do not bleed through to the other side of the page which is something I look for in a pen. 

  • Sticky Notes: I always make sure to have sticky notes on me. I like using these by Redi-Tag because they have little tags on them as well so you can easily find a certain page you make be looking for. And they also have lines that you can write notes on. These are literally so cheap! 

  • Budget Planner- this is a must for me to keep track of our bills. You can keep track of all of your expenses and compare your debit from previous months. I like the it has boxes that you fill out. Which is when those pens come in handy from above. 

  • Planner Stickers- these stickers are super cute and perfect for us mommas. These set comes with 575 stickers for only $5.36. It includes to do stickers, workout stickers, relax stickers, laundry stickers and many more. This is such a cute set to have for your planner. 

  • Weekly Meal Notepad- since I have been wanting to lose weight and eat better, I have been planning out all of my meals. I love this notepad because it includes a spot for your breakfast and lunch too. And it also divides up your days as well. It's super affordable to keep track of your meals! 

Alright ya'll, those are some of my favorites that I love to use to help me stay organized. I will have to show you my collection of all my goodies soon! I always want to show you how I plan out my blog posts as well. So I really hope you found this post helpful! I would love to know some of your Amazon favorites as well! 

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