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Eylure Vegas Nay Brow & Shadow Pro Palette Swatches and Review

*Disclaimer, this product was sent to me complimentary from Eylure. All opinions are 100% my own. This post also contains affiliated links which means I may receive a tiny portion if you buy or click through one of the links.

Happy May everyone! I honestly can't believe we are already in a new month. I feel like 2018 has been flying by already. And what's even crazier is that my daughter will be turning 1 on Sunday! I honestly can't even believe it! I am hoping May brings everyone joy as we get closer and closer to Summer! 

To start off the beginning of the month I wanted to do a review on the Eylure Vegas Nay Brow & Shadow Pro Palette. I was sent this through Eylure and Octoly. Which if you haven't heard of Octoly before you should totally sign up! It is a great website that connects you with a lot of different brands and you can get a lot of stuff sent to you to review on Instagram. This post isn't sponsored, but I just love using Octoly, so if you'd like to sign up you can click here or any bold Octoly word will bring you to the signup page!  So I just wanted to share that with you all really quick. 

Moving back onto the palette. This is a eyeshadow and brow palette, so its going to be great for traveling. This palette comes with 9 different shades and a wax to set your brows. The palette also comes with a brush that helps blend the shadow into your brow as well as a spooly to brush through your brows. Even though this is a eyeshadow palette too, I personally prefer to use it just for my brows. I like mixing the two darkest shades and find it matches my brows perfectly. 

Lets go over the shades that come in this palette:
  • English Clay
  • Gold Coast
  • Tuscan Copper 
  • Red Velvet
  • Cappuccino 
  • Warm Truffle
  • Hot Chestnut
  • Roasted Coffee
  • Midnight
For my brows I like to use a mix of Midnight and Hot Chestnut. I feel like those two shades work amazing with my black hair. 

I find that this palette should work with all hair types. It is super easy to mix a few shades together in case you need something a little darker or lighter. As for using this palette for eyeshadows, I would prefer to use other palettes. I do like some of the shades for a transition color, but I can't really create the look I want with just these shades. And I do find the shades just a little chalky, which works fine with my brows and fine if I am just using the shades as a transition on my eyes. I do find that the colors do blend out super easy as well. 

I made sure to include some up close swatches for you just so you can see the colors from a far but also up close. One thing I love about Eylure is that it is sold at Ulta and I find them to be very affordable. Right now they currently have buy one get one 50% at Ulta.com. This palette does retail for $19.99. 

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