Hi guys, I have an excited journey I want to take you all on and in this post I have a lot of explaining to do. Lately I have been very overwhelmed with the amount of makeup I have so within the next couple of weeks I am going to go through my collection and get it down to 4 drawers. I currently have the IKEA Alex 9 drawer unit and its pretty much completely full. A lot of it is filled with products I do not use and products I still need to review. So I thought it would be fun to write out my plans and take you on the journey with me.

Let's begin with my why.

  • Why I want a small, minimalist makeup collection: after having my daughter things changed with me completely. I was really big into spending money on makeup and not just any makeup. It was makeup that I saw everyone else buying, all the new trendy stuff that I knew in the back of my mind that I did not need. I would spend A LOT of money each month on makeup. Makeup I didn't need, makeup I didn't use, all because I wanted to fit in with what everyone else was buying. When I saw a new collection come out and everyone posting about it, I wanted to fit in with the makeup community. I thought I was doing the right thing at the time, but looking back on all the money I spent on makeup, it literally just makes me so mad at myself. Why did I need 10 new foundations? Why did I need 50 shades of nude lipsticks etc.

And I am sure a lot of you are wondering what I am going to do since I blog 70% about makeup. 
  • What will I do about my blog?: I still plan on blogging about makeup. I still love trying out new products but I am going to limit myself. I am only going to go out and purchase something that I feel like I will actually use. I also get sent a lot of PR, which a good portion of my blog posts are about. So I am still going to be putting out beauty reviews, that will never change. 

Now lets go over my plan. 
  • The plan: I will be vlogging/filming my decluttering experience on my YouTube channel. I plan on completely redoing my beauty room and turning it more into an office environment. My goal is to take one drawer at a time and just keep what I am currently using or products that I know I will use in the near future. I have posted decluttering videos in the past on my channel, but this time I want to only keep maybe 3 or 4 products of a certain type (brow pencils, eyeliners, mascaras etc). So each drawer I will film in detail on what I am keeping and why I am keeping that item. 
  • What I'm doing with the products I do not want to keep: a good portion of the products that I do not want to keep will be donated or giving to family & friends. Since I do receive a lot of PR, my goal is to keep an item or two to review and the rest be giving away to you guys. I want to give back more and instead of reviewing a whole collection, I will just review an item or two and save the rest for you guys. As for expired makeup, of course those will be thrown away. 

Clutter has really gotten to me and I've learned I do not need all these items to be happy. I have my daughter and my fiance that mean the world to me and instead of spending so much money on materialistic items, I can be saving that money to make experiences with my family. I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this journey. And please let me know if you have any questions because I am sure I am forgetting to mention some things. 

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