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10 Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas Christmas 2018

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I am back with another gift guide post! For some reason, I have been really enjoying making these gift guides! And I thought since I am currently in the process of buying stocking stuffers for my toddler, I would create a post including items that I will be putting in my toddlers stocking! I hope you guys enjoy this post and these ideas can work really well for both girls and boys!

  1. Play-Doh: for my daughter, we picked up some of the smaller containers that you can find at Target or Walmart that are only $.50. I picked up four different colors but I don't think they will all fit in her stocking, so I may just wrap some up individually and put them under the tree as well. If you have multiple children, this set would be perfect to buy and to separate between each stockings. There is 15 mini containers of Play-doh which would fit in the stockings perfectly! And this mini set is only $5.89 at Target.com.
  2. Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush: We ended up picking up Mila a Disney princess battery powered toothbrush for her stocking. She loves brushing her teeth on her own, but this one will help ensure she is getting her little teeth perfectly clean and they are less then $5 at Target.com.  
  3. Munchkin Bath Letters: my daughter loves playing in the bath and I thought these little Munchkin bath letters would be perfect for her to play with. We are always in need of some more bath toys so I think this would be an amazing idea. Again less then $5 at Target.com
  4. Munchkin Bath Crayons: this is something I would have loved as a kid! Being able to draw in the bath tub without leaving a huge mess behind is a dream. I think these would be a lot of fun for kids to play with! Plus they are super easy to clean up as well. These are $4.49 and can also be purchased from Target.com
  5. Crayola Jumbo Crayons: basically any type of crayons would be perfect for the stocking. My daughter loves to color so we go through our crayons pretty quickly. I love the jumbo ones because they are a little easier for her to hold onto when she's coloring. And Crayola is our go to brand when it comes to anything having to do with coloring. The 16ct jumbo pack is only $5.99 at Target.com
  6. Cozy Socks: last year we had picked up a couple of pair to put in Mila's stocking. They are nice filler gifts and you can find them for under $5. My favorite are the ones from Oldnavy.com. They are only $3.99 and have a lot of cute designs and characters. 
  7. Candy: of course this wouldn't be the healthiest option, but what kid doesn't love chocolate or candy? You can usually find the $1 candy canes at Walmart or Target that have M&M's, Skittles, Butter Cups etc in them. I know we will be at least picking up one for her stocking.
  8. Tucker + Tate Mittens: just like the cozy socks, I think getting a pair of mittens would be super cute! I found these cute ones from Nordstrom that are currently on sale for $9.00! They look so warm and cozy! I will need to get a pair for Mila's stocking! You can shop for the mittens at Nordstrom.com.
  9. Hair Accessories: I found these super cute bows from Nordstrom. They are by Capelli New York and come with 8 different clip on bows. I think any type of hair accessory would work. You can get headbands, pony tails and bows! This set is $14.00 at Nordstrom.com
  10. Books: I feel like a child can never have too many books. Target has a great selection and one of my favorites is the Who Likes Christmas? which is about the Grinch! The Grinch is actually one of my favorite movies! You can get this book for $4.24 at Target.com
I would love to hear some of your stocking stuffer ideas as well! These were just my top 10 options that I came up with for my Daughter. I hope you guys enjoyed! 

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