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Toddler Girl Holiday Gift Guide

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Can you believe that Christmas is in less then two months?! I must admit, I love Christmas. It is seriously one of my favorite holidays. I love decorating, baking, eating and spending time with family! Now that I am a parent I get even more excited for Christmas (which I didn't think was possible). Last year Mila was only about 8 months old. And now this year she will be around 20 months old! Which means she is going to be extra fun to watch this year opening up all her gifts!

I thought I would create a holiday gift guide of some of the items I am thinking of getting Mila or just ideas that I think would be perfect for toddlers. Now, since she will be almost 20 months old, I am planning on buying her items around 2 years instead of the more "baby" toys. She is very smart for her age and she already has plenty of toys ranging from 0-18months but I really want to expand so she can grow with her new toys. So let's get started on some of the ideas I picked out!

  1. LATT Children's Table and 2 Chairs (IKEA): I have been eyeing this set for a while. And I love that this one isn't a "character" set, it is just a more basic set which I think will be perfect for when we have another child in the future as well. I think having her own table and chairs would be so cute either in our living room for her or in her bedroom. And this would is super affordable as well! It is only $29.99. 
  2. Doc McStuffins Pet Vet On the Go Pet Carrier Whispers (Target): My daughter may have a slight obsession with watching Doc McStuffins and she is also a huge fan of cats. So I thought this toy would be perfect for her. The age recommendation on it is 3+ due to some smaller parts, I personally would just take some of the smaller pieces away until I felt comfortable with her using them. But the carrier and cat would be perfect for her! This toy does retail for $19.99 and can be found at Target
  3. Step2 Little Helper's Shopping Cart (Target): I think a little shopping cart would be so cute! And I am pretty sure one of her aunties is getting her one for Christmas. This gift will go with another gift that we are planning on getting (play food). I love this Step2 one because it comes with a little seat to put her baby in. I think it's a great role playing gift and will allow your child to use their imagination. This would retails for $36.99 and can be found at Target
  4. Honestly Cute In The Pantry Food Set (Target): I love this set! It comes with over 65 pieces and it would go perfect with the shopping cart! Best part? It's only $14.99! So another pretty affordable gift for your little one! This set can also be purchased at Target
  5. Melissa & Doug My First Wood Cube Puzzle (Target): this puzzle is a little to "grown up" for Mila, but if you have a toddler 3+ this would be perfect! I think puzzles are great for learning and the wooden ones are some of my favorite. I am also a huge fan of Melissa & Doug toys! They are amazing quailty. This set is $9.99 and can also be purchased at Target
  6. Play-Doh Rainbow Starter Pack (Target): as you can tell, I love shopping at Target lol! Anyways, Play-Doh is an awesome gift for toddlers! Yes it can get messy, but again it does help with a childs imagination. I plan on getting Mila a set and maybe a couple of singles to put in her stocking. This set is only $4.99 and can be found at you guessed it, Target
  7. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book (Target): I think this would be the perfect gift for a toddler who is starting to learn more words! I am a huge fan of LeapFrog products and I am thinking of picking up one of these for Mila! It retails for $17.99 and can be found at Target. 
  8. Mega Bloks Big Building Bag (Target)my daughter received a big bag of these around her birthday and she is just now getting to the point where she wants to play with them and build things with them. I would highly recommend picking a giant bag up. This set contains 80 pieces and retails for $14.99! Also super affordable! 
  9. LEGO Princess Belle's Tea Party (Target): if your child is out of the big mega blocks, this set by LEGO would be perfect! The pieces are smaller but it does come with some characters and little tea cups! I am thinking of picking up a set or two for Mila because she loves playing with little characters and the princess reminds me of one of her little people sets that she owns that is Disney Princesses! I think this set is adorable! LEGO brand is a little bit more expensive for what you get. This set is $15.99. 
  10. Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Annie Doll Set (Target): Mila already has one baby but I would love to pick up this set for her as well. That way she can take both babies "shopping" with her. This set comes with a bottle and it also pees! I think would love it and it is a great learning toy. We plan on potty training Mila in a few months so this toy would be a great teaching tool as well. This set is $22.99.
Those are some of my top gifts that I think any toddler girl would love! I also plan on getting Mila some pajamas, a few books, maybe a movie or two as well! If you would like to see what I plan on putting in her stocking as well, I can do a blog post on that! Just let me know in the comments! And also if you have other gift ideas as well, I would love to hear them! I am a first time mom so I am kind of learning as I go! 

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