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Toddler Gift Ideas For Christmas 2019

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Tis the season! I can't believe it is already the beginning of November. Of course I have been in the Christmas mood since the beginning of October, anyone else? Or just me? lol! This time of year is literally my favorite. I love the cold weather, the snow, the Christmas decorations and of course all the yummy treats!

Last year I did quite a few different gift guides, so I thought it would be fun to do some updated ones because I have a lot more gift ideas now that my daughter is 2 1/2. I figured this would be the best time to do a toddler gift guide.

Also, before I get started, I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with our baby boy. I am seriously so excited and it's going to be such a great Christmas with our two kiddos! Even though he will be about a month old come Christmas, I think I am still going to do a Christmas gift guide for newborns. So I think that will be my next post!

But lets go a head and jump right into this toddler girl gift guide.

1. Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter: this was the first gift I knew I was going to get my daughter for Christmas. (I actually already ordered it and currently waiting for it to come in the mail). Every time we go to Target, she always has to check it out and she seems so excited. She loves acting like she is making ice cream with random toys she currently has, so I thought this gift would be perfect for it. It's a great way for kids to use their imagination. You can get this set from $35-$45 depending on where you get it from. We ordered ours from Target and used an additional 25% off coupon, so we got it for around $30!
2. Melissa & Doug Farm Friends- if your toddler loves animals, these little sets are perfect. Melissa & Doug has a bunch of different animal sets you can purchase. This set comes with 10 different farm animals. Mila already has a bunch of horses, so I thought this set would be super cute for her to have. These sets retail for around $15.00.
3. Play-Doh Pinkfong Baby Shark Set- anyone else's toddler still obsessed with Baby Shark? It is still constantly played in our household. Within the last few months our daughter has really loved playing with Play-Doh and since she STILL loves Baby Shark, I thought this set would be perfect. It comes with 12 containers of Play-Doh that are non toxic. It also comes with a bunch of different tools as well. And this is the perfect set because its only $9.99!
4. Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks-my grandma has a block set at her house that Mila loves playing with. She will sit there for hours building stuff, so I really want to get her a set for home. It's a great set for kids to use their imagination as well. This set comes with different color wooden blocks and comes with over 100 blocks. There is also 9 different shapes that come in the set as well! You really can't go wrong! Your kiddos will be busy for hours, so a great toy for you to get laundry down, dishes, cleaning etc! ;) You can get a set for around $20.00!
5. Lego Duplo My First All In One Box- just like the wooden blocks, these are also great for toddlers. They are bigger then normal Lego's but smaller then the mega blocks you can get. You can get this set of 65 pieces for only $20.00 right now at Target! I think this is a set we will be picking up for Mila as well!
6. Disney 5-Minute Christmas Stories- I always love picking up a new book for Mila. This is actually the same book we got her last year. It was on sale during Black Friday for only $5. I was looking at the new Target ad for Black Friday and I believe they will have them on sale for $4. They are really big books, so totally worth it! I think I will get her another one this year, just with different stories. Really affordable gift for any kiddo!
7. Melissa & Doug 4-1 Wooden Puzzles- as you can tell, we are huge fans of Melissa & Doug toys! They also make amazing puzzles. We have a few for Mila already but now that shes getting a little older, we want to get her some more advance puzzles. They have so many to choose from and they are price range from $10-$15. Mila has a slight obsession with dinosaurs right now, so this set is perfect. It comes with 4 wooden puzzles with a total of 48 pieces.
8. Mele & Co Krista Girls Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box- one thing I noticed a lot of toddler girls love is, jewelry. This little jewelry box would be so cute to store bows, bracelets and necklaces in! Also to be extra, you could always put some jewelry in the box for them when they open it! Target has some awesome kids jewelry that I think little ones would love! This jewelry box is $24.49 at Target.
9. Melissa & Doug Dress Up Clothes- one thing I really love about Melissa & Doug is that they have amazing dress up clothes for around $25.00. The one I have linked is a super cute hair stylist dress up outfit. It comes with everything to play pretend. They also have a doctor set, police set and many more!

I really hope you enjoyed seeing some of my recommendations! Once I am all done Christmas shopping for Mila, I will do a whole video on YouTube showing you everything I got her for Christmas. I filmed one last year and it went really well, so I for sure want to do that this year as well! Let me know what items you're going to be picking up for your toddler this year!

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